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The end is there.

The last regular game was played and no comes the fun part.

At least for 68 teams playing in 34 Bowls, those two teams in the BCS-finals probably won't have that much fun.

The BLOCK OF GRANITE TOP GAME FOR WEEK 15 (and the only one)

Navy vs Army
Well, as expected the game was not that much a stunner.
Navy needed the last quarter to avoid an upset, but they won by 4 points and that's that.
Means, after two consecutive Commander-In-Chief-Trophy wins by Air Force, Navy takes the hardware back (won it before Air Force 7 times in a row) and they also extended the winning streak against Army to 11 in a row.
We will see, if Army will have a new leader next season. Could be ....
17-13 -> Jacks Score: 52-24

Some games of interest:

Huh? Which games?
Well, there is a little bigger picture in college football, since I only did highlight the FBS.
Now we look a little bit at the FCS, the Level right under the FBS.
It's playoff time there and the quarterfinals were played.
The winners from the last two years are 2010 Eastern Washington and 2011 North Dakota State.
The shame about the championship on FCS level is, the just attract around 20.000 people for the FINAL!
That's not much in a country were Football is SPORT #1.

- Sam Houston State did beat Montana State in the first QF

- Georgia South did outscore Old Dominion to win the second QF.

- Wofford lost against North Dakota State in the third QF.

- And Illinois State did lose against Eastern Washington in the fourth QF.

The half finals will be played next week and Georgia South will play North Dakota State and Sam Houston State will play Eastern Washington.
So a Final between champion 2010 vs champion 2011 is possible.

What else?

The Heisman was given out and my guts did have the right feeling.

Johnny "Football" Manziel won it ahead of Manti Te'o and Collin Klein.

I think it's wrong, but at the end of the day, it doesn't matter much.
Manziel is the first freshman to win the Heisman (he is a Redshirt Freshman, but still it's his first year of playing in games).
Now people can speculate over him getting it a second time in his career to end Archie Griffins lone record of winning it twice (he won as junior and senior).
At least one season has to be served by Manziel before he can declare for the draft, maybe he will play more.
I think of all positions on American Football, the QB can really benefit from more experience.
And playing in the SEC is almost playing pro.

We will see.

The coaching carousel is still turning and some moves are quite risky and odd.

Tommy Tuberville, HC of the Texas Tech Red Raiders did LEAVE after a successful season the school for ... Cincinnati!
Just to give you the meaning of this:
Texas Tech is a medium important program in the Big 12, probably the second or third in the power rankings of all Conferences (SEC is first).
Means money, competition and an easy to grab bowl game.
Even a chance for an easy trip to the BCS finals.
Cincinnati is a upper level program in the Big East, for sure the worst ranked conference of all BCS Conferences. (that makes them at least sixth on the overall power rankings, maybe worse).
That conference LOST their automatic bid for the upcoming playoff ruling.
The Champion of that conference does NOT automatically get a shot for national titles and there are not that many bowl games to get.
Means normally less money, less competition and a not so easy to get Bowl games.
Why would you do that?
Must be something else than money.
Tuberville was on the rise again, after turning the Red Raiders around, he might even get a chance for a SEC school (again), but not that way. OK, he is 58, maybe he wanted a retirement home.

Then there are the typical "The next hot thing" hiring of which 50% will back fire.
I will give a list of all changes, once the dust has settled.

Next week then the first bowl introduction.

‘Til next time

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