What is this good for, and who are "Snowden's Guardian Angels"?

Snowden's Guardian Angels, a.k.a. Snowden refugees

The Snowden's Guardian Angels are a bunch of guys, supporting Edward Snowden when he was hiding from authorities in Hong Kong, right after The Gurdian published the first few pieces of this phenomenal story. The NSA affair started rolling, and the world changed as it has never been before...

These guys, refugees themselves, had nothing - but gave everything they could to provide Snowden some shelter until he left Hong Kong later in 2013.

More details of the story are topic of media coverage from all over the world.

The story draws some attention...

Now, it was time to protect these Angels. The authorities tried to put intense pressure to those poor people. The campaign "For the refugees" was started to provide help and to find a new home for these people, where they find asylum, and could live a life free from any authorities pressure.

Some good people started to tackle the issue from a Lawyers point of view and founded https://fortherefugees.com

But what is this page here about?


This project here was started right after the topic was raised once more by the lawyers of these people at the #34c3, the Chaos Computer Clubs annual congress #34, a.k.a Chaos Communication Congress. This time the slogan was the German phrase #tuwat, and it translates to "do something". The talk is available at https://media.ccc.de/v/34c3-9297-the_snowden_refugees_under_surveillance_in_hong_kong.

The idea is to provide ForTheRefugees with some funds, and awareness.

The vision

How about having a community of computer users, each of them providing a little bit of the cpu power of his/her PC? Imagine, each of these users would provide only 10 Hashes per second, and would help mining Monero, a Bitcoin like crypto currency. This would sum up to a huge Hash-power, if only enoungh users are joining. Right now, 130,000 Hashes/second result in around 1 Monero per day. One Monero is about 300 USD at the moment...so 300 USD per day to help Snowden's Guardian Angels. And, last but not least, many enthusiastic users willing to share about their participation in Snowden's Guardian Angels-Support...

This is what I would like to start...now!

How about you?

If you want to support this, just follow the Download link and run the funding client! And don't forget to tell your friends and followers about this - share buttons are available in the menu on top of the page, and from inside the funding software.

In case you would like to support the development, please reach out to me and find me on Twitter, https://twitter.com/PjotrS72. You can find me by email as well: pstimpel@googlemail.com, PGP key available on key-servers.

Thank you!

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