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Vienna Swabians Seestadt

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posted: 2019-02-10 13:07:58 (ID: 100136860) Report Abuse
Short interview with Flandur General Manager of the Poznan Knights.

could you introduce yourself and your team in this short interview?

How did you come up with your name and that of your team?
I would like to start off by saying that the name of my team, which is "Poznan Knights", is connected with the name of my city where I live. I would say that I am interested in Medieval history and that is why I have chosen that name. I am also a big fan of RPG games and my nickname is the name of one of my characters from one of those games.

Where are you from?
I am from Poland and, as I have said, I live in Poznan.

How have you discovered RZA?
For the long time I have been looking for a good game about American football. I have recently found a site with several games and one of them was RedZone Action.

How did you first come into contact with American football?
I cannot remember when I first saw an American football match, but I had been looking for an interesting, dynamic sport and I had seen some football matches and I had become a big fan of it.

Do you have a favorite team in real life?
And yes, I have a favourite team, which is the Los Angeles Rams. I am also rooting for one of my local teams called Armia PoznaƄ.

What do you expect from RZA?
I would say that I am expecting a friendly environment, which is one of the biggest factors in my opinion. To be honest I was quite suprised when I received your message and it looks like RZA has a nice community.

What are your biggest problems inside RZA?
I do not know what to say about the RZA's biggest problems due to my lack of experience with it, but I would say that it is a really complex game and it might be hard to start playing.

What do you like best about RZA so far?
The complexity of this game is also one of it's biggest advantages. I have been surprised by the number of things you can do and by the level of realism.

Can you imagine being active in the forum?
There might be a day when I will join the forum, but I would rather read some posts than write them myself.

Have fun and good luck
Anyway, thank you and good luck.
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Main / Discussions / How have you discovered RZA?