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2020-11-23 21:41

Location: Deventer Chronicler website
Date: 17th November 2020
Time: 19:34

Person: Bart Kampman
Title: Beat Writer Deventer Devils

Deventer Devils hire GM

Sources associated with the Deventer Devils confirmed to me today that Vennegoor has today appointed a GM. This is just in time for the draft starting tomorrow. Although the nove has not been officially announced by the Devils, I have learned that prepatory talks had already started before Vennegoor even founded the club and that the new GM has already reviewed the players in the draft and that an initial draft board has been shared with Vennegoor.

The new GM is Gerad Jones. An unknown quantity in Europe, Jerad has earned his stripes at the collegiate level in the US. Although the 53 year old has not worked for any of the PAC12 schools, the appointment is somewhat of a coup for Vennegoor as he is getting a very experienced candidate who is willing to work for a completely new franchise. The details of the contract are not known but the expectation is that Jerad is getting a lot of power to shape the squad to his philosophy. This will certainly allay fears people had over the tendency of Vennegoor to micromanage the businesses he owns and it seems he has done the wise thing of getting an experienced football person in the organisation.

One thing is certain: all eyes will be on Jerad tomorrow as he gets a major chance to s e l e c t the foundational players for the Deventer Devils.

Location: Ronald Vennegoor's personal Twitter account
Date: 18th November 2020

Time: 12:25
Very excited about today: first draft of the Deventer Devils! I am in the draft war room writing our picks on the cards with our new GM. Yes, you heard that rightm, our very own GM, more on that later!! The future of the Devils starts here, today! #draftS41 #DeventerDevils

Time: 14:06
Meet the new face of the franchise: QB Albert Jacobs! He's gonna be great, I have a very good feeling about him! #DraftS41 #4thpick #DeventerDevils

Time: 15:04
Who will QB Jacobs be throwing TD passes to?! To WR Haydn Williams that is! Offense is gonna be great this season! #DraftS41 #36thpick #DeventerDevils

Time: 16:08
With our last pick we selected a foundational player on the other side of the ball: LB Suleiman Sulaiman. Very good value here for us. QBs of Dragons 2, be afraid, be very afraid! ;-) #DraftS41 #68thpick #DeventerDevils


Location: Bart Kampman's Personal Twitter account
]Date: 18th November 2020
Time: 23:58

Person: Bart Kampman
Title: Beat Writer Deventer Devils

BREAKING NEWS: Confusion over the Devils' first round pick, QB Albert Jacobs. Still figuring out what exactly happened but it seems Vennegoor secretly changed first round pick behind back of new GM Jerad Jones who apparently instantly resigned. Will try to get to bottom of this and will have article up tomorrow... #DeventerDevils #DraftS41

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2020-11-22 09:52

Location: Deventer Chronicler website
Date: 16th November 2020
Time: 14:02

Person: Bart Kampman
Title: Journalist

Deventer Devils is an exciting addition to the city but questions arise over hands-on leadership style of Vennegoor

The news that local billionaire Vennegoor has founded an american football team in Deventer, called the Deventer Devils, has been welcomed by local businesses and politicians alike. The economic impact the building of the stadium will have, cannot be underestimated. And if Vennegoor can fulfill the promise to fill the stadium, the long-term economic future of Deventer will get a major boost.

I spoke with some local american football fans and they were overall very happy with the news. "The fact we can watch real football locally, is a tantalising prospect", Larry (32) said, while adding "I used to travel to Tilburg to watch the Torpedoes but hopefully we can now have some local pride, and perhaps establish a bit of a rivalry". However one fan, who wanted to remain anonymous as he is an employee of Venegoor Industries Ltd, expressed concern, wondering if the (in)fanous hands-on management style of owner Ronald Vennegoor would gel well with how a traditional franchise is normally run. Owners typically sit back and hand over the reign of the team to a General Manager (GM) and the Head Coach.

The question that is already arising, is if Vennegoor will be able to resist meddling in the domain of the GM and Head Coach. Only time will tell but one thing is for sure: the Deventer Devils will have a profound impact on the city itself.

Bart Kampman is a Deventer-born journalist and the new beat reporter for the Deventer Devils and will report regularly on the ins and outs of the team. He previously covered the Rotterdam Rebels and was most recently working for NFL UK in London. The prospect of covering an american football team in his home town however, proved too much of draw and he happily moved back, taking a major pay cut in the process, to Deventer to cover the Devils.

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