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posted: 2018-08-17 02:00:15 (ID: 100131923) Report Abuse
Multiple times I have looked through the game log of a recent game to find that the maximum number of blitzers I had on any given play was one. I would like to see that change because one blitzer is not very effective in my opinion. True, the game might be run in a way to make that one blitzer more effective, but one blitzer usually doesn't make much of a mark in a play, unless he is unblocked.
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.95 "You Shall Not Pass" Colts

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posted: 2018-09-09 10:11:51 (ID: 100132520) Report Abuse
Since you can't s e l e c t exactly which player you want to send in the blitz, but a player from a group as a whole (LB or SF) this would need changes in the PB editor.
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posted: 2019-01-29 03:13:20 (ID: 100136531) Report Abuse
Pete, your input would be welcomed on this suggestion. It seems to have been overlooked.
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Pretty Guinness Consumers

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posted: 2019-01-29 08:55:55 (ID: 100136535) Report Abuse
I am sorry, but I have not made my opinion yet.
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The Alpin Ducks

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posted: 2019-02-05 12:21:54 (ID: 100136710) Report Abuse
I would not be against, but we need a counter part like to decide when to throw a screen pass.
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Wilmersdorf Wadenbeisser

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posted: 2019-02-05 12:42:28 (ID: 100136711) Report Abuse
Kanar wrote:
I would not be against, but we need a counter part like to decide when to throw a screen pass.

should also have the drawback, that if the pressure does not hit home less players in coverage mean softer coverage which should lead to higher completion percentage and higher percentage of a big play after a broken tackle.

Imo it would be generally good for a game if less men in coverage would hurt the defense, if the QB gets off the pass.

You should be really able to shutdown the run with the 5-3-3 (like it does now in the sim) but it should have a bigger risk when the opponents pass. Now you can have a broken tackle and still limit the offense to a 9 yard gain. Imo it should be minimum a 20 yard game if a tackle is missed by a CB, LB should have a hard time to catch up and a single high SF should play very deep and take a safe angle to avoid giving up the TD.

Likewise, it should be tougher to complete 15-17 yard passes vs 5 to 7 DB. it should force QBs to throw underneath and hope for the broken tackle to get the first down.

however, all these changes have immense impact on the gameplay and need a lot of effort and testing, otherwise the same people who lobby for a change would probably complain about unrealistic results after a change
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posted: 2019-02-07 23:45:57 (ID: 100136816) Report Abuse
I like your addition to my original suggestion, hollyhh2000. I would support an addition like that.
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