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Bounty Hunters

  amalric7 owns a supporter account

Joined: 2016-06-08/S21
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Top Manager

posted: 2019-04-11 12:48:33 (ID: 100138705) Report Abuse
Got a 19-yo OL in rd2 with decent physicals and skills but with average INT and low TW. Might keep him anyway, because he's bound to be better than what I'm left with at the end of rd3.
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Zombie Unicorns

  tipamu owns a supporter account

Joined: 2017-05-25/S25
Posts: 9
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posted: 2019-04-11 16:41:59 (ID: 100138714) Report Abuse
I’m not particularly excited about my picks, but they have potential.

1st Round: 22-yo LB 5* TAL/50 INT/50 STR/36.4 SPD no cap warning. We’ll see where his speed ends up but might make a solid LB.

2nd Round, 22-yo KR/RB 5* TAL/50 SPD with Track Star trait. If he can break a tackle or two, he’ll be tough to catch.

3rd Round, not expecting much with this pick. Maybe 4 guys left I wouldn’t mind drafting
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SP Nightstorms

  carlosedu2781 owns a supporter account

Joined: 2019-04-09/S33
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General Manager

posted: 2019-04-11 22:50:41 (ID: 100138746) Report Abuse
Hi Guys!!
Starting fresh around here. I can see that keeping finances and at same a good team is the challenge.

I just left another online game because of that, I hope here I have better luck.

Good luck for all.

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Sønderborg 84-pounders

  Fummer owns a supporter account   Fummer acts as Mentor for beginners

Joined: 2016-03-05/S20
Posts: 356
Top Manager

posted: 2019-04-12 02:18:22 (ID: 100138751) Report Abuse
Welcome Carlos.

You are right, finances are important. You need to build your stadium ASAP and dont spend money on anything else but the stadium. This is 80-90% of your income, so the way to go.

Its highly recommended that you get a mentor in the beginning, someone who can answer all your questions. You can also ask questions on the rookie forum. If english is fine, im available for the mentor job.

Best wishes.
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Bounty Hunters

  amalric7 owns a supporter account

Joined: 2016-06-08/S21
Posts: 296
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posted: 2019-04-12 17:37:48 (ID: 100138784) Report Abuse
With the 3rd last pick of the draft you know you're being left with the dregs...or so you might think. Landed a 22-yo WR with uncapped SPD and Track Star trait! Will need his SPD to hit near the top otherwise I might sell him, but considering I expected to land a low-INT K or P I'll gladly take it.
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Rotterdam Rebels

  ivo17 owns a supporter account

Joined: 2017-04-18/S25
Posts: 443
Top Manager

posted: 2019-04-13 17:40:47 (ID: 100138854)  Edits found: 1 Report Abuse
Everybody happy with his draft?
For now I am happy. Got 2 19year old projects.
In 1st round a young OL. Str is capped at 46.4 hope his speed will be decend so I will make a FB out of him.
In 2nd round a WR with spe yellow at 41.6 and str/agi uncapped at 38 but he will be turned in to a TE

Off course need to see how high their physicals wil get. In the 3th round I put a punter on top of my big board (still had 7 higher ranked players on the board) because my punter is 31 now and so I have time to develop him at least 2 seasons in case he retires at 33.

Good luck to you all this year

Last edited on 2019-04-13 17:41:41 by ivo17

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Bounty Hunters

  amalric7 owns a supporter account

Joined: 2016-06-08/S21
Posts: 296
Top Manager

posted: 2019-04-14 10:55:35 (ID: 100138873) Report Abuse
Was expecting some tough times this season, not sure I was expecting to throw 5 INT in my first league game - even allowing for the fact I had my overmatched backup QB in the game and he threw three of them. Let my longtime starter go in the offseason and he retired, but I'd hoped for better from his replacement. Still just one game, lets see how it goes.
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Dougláss Longshipmen

Joined: 2018-04-07/S29
Posts: 26
Top Manager

posted: 2019-04-14 16:06:16 (ID: 100138878) Report Abuse
Probably gonna be landing a couple nice draft picks and a relegation spot as I really did not expect promotion. 😂 Best of luck to you all!
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Sønderborg 84-pounders

  Fummer owns a supporter account   Fummer acts as Mentor for beginners

Joined: 2016-03-05/S20
Posts: 356
Top Manager

posted: 2019-04-16 20:26:08 (ID: 100138963) Report Abuse
I have a dream of having time to write a powerranking. It wont be the next couple of days, but maybe during the easter holidays.

As for now, why dont you tell me if you´re expecting a close game tonight or saturday. Im facing the mighty Mascots, so no contest there. Saturday ill face the Cronicles, so that should be much closer.
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Sønderborg 84-pounders

  Fummer owns a supporter account   Fummer acts as Mentor for beginners

Joined: 2016-03-05/S20
Posts: 356
Top Manager

posted: 2019-04-20 09:23:41 (ID: 100139054) Report Abuse

Wanted to divide in 4 groups at first, but as i worked on it, 3 groups made more sence. Ranked before looking at divisions. So some in top 10 wont make the POs.

1: AS Roma Wolves: rating: 80.9 % avg age: 24.9 WWP 5,1 WWC 2,0

2-0: Its very close at the top, so mostly a gut feeling.

2: Free Agent Mascots: rating: 81.0 % avg age: 26.4 WWP 4,3 WWC 2,2

2-0: Another of my favourites to be in Elite next season.

3: Green Mark Packers: rating: 80.1 % avg age: 25.5 WWP 5,1 WWC 1,8

1-1: Will be very surprised if they finish near their current .500 mark.

4: Melittlemenon thepitchhitchin: rating: 79.7 % avg age 28 WWP 6,0 WWC 0,9

2-0: Looks like a “now or not for a long time” team. Will the cheap coaches hurt?

5: Gunnison Ghosts: rating: 76.6 % avg age: 25.6 WWP 4,6 WWC 1,4

2-0: Good looking roster. Should be up there for a long time.

6: Bounty Hunters: rating: 77.8 % avg age: 25.8 WWP 4,3 WWC 1,7

1-1: Have startet a rebuild. Still a very capable roster.

7: Zombie Unicorns: rating: 77.6 % avg age: 25.4 WWP 3,7 WWC 1,4

1-1: Starters look very good. Is the roster deep enough?

8: Comeback Kids: rating: 76.8 % avg age: 25,6 WWP: 4,9 WWC 1,2

2-0: Starters look very good, but old. How big is the drop off?

9: Bracciano Lakers: rating: 76.0 % avg age: 25.5 WWP 6,3 WWC 1,1

2-0: Another rebuild mode team. Still some strong starters.

10: Vamosahi: rating: 75.8 % avg age: 25.9 WWP 4,1 WWC 1,5

2-0: Looks like a balanced roster. Should be good for a few seasons.

The group in the middle, some will make the POs and some may be in the relegation fight.

11: Rotterdam Rebels: rating: 74.3 % avg age: 25.7 WWP 5,1 WWC 1,2

1-1: Strong playoff candidate, but proberbly needs to win the division.

12: League of Heroes: rating: 72.4 % avg age: 25.4 WWP 5,6 WWC 1,3

1-1: Should win the division. Looks like a team on the up.

13: Dougláss Longshipmen: rating: 73.7 % avg age: 24.2 WWP 3,0 WWC 1,8

0-2: Another team on the up. Should compete in a division thats not the strongest.

14: Motol Ducks: rating: 72.5 % avg age: 23.5 WWP 2,2 WWC 1,3

0-2: Quite a young roster with some veterans mixed in. Will compete in a few seasons.

15: Fort-de-France Gays: rating: 72.0 % avg age: 27.5 WWP 1,9 WWC 1,3

1-1: Think theyll take the division one more season, but proberbly the last time in seasons.

16: London Silverbacks: rating: 72.0 % avg age: 25.8 WWP 5,8 WWC 1,6

0-2: strangely thin at some positions, but other than that a strong roster. Tough division

17: Gary Gargoyles: rating: 71.3 % avg age: 24.9 WWP 3,7 WWC 1,5

1-1: First time at this level. Roster looks good. Should be fine.

18: Devon Dog Soldiers: rating: 71.5 % avg age: 24.6 WWP 2,5 WWC 1,8

1-1: Strong D. I have a hard time seeing the plan on O. Veteran, so its there somewhere.

19: Strasbourg Blues: rating: 70.7 % avg age: 25.7 WWP 6,8 WWC 1,4

0-2: In top 20 of oldest teams, but havent checked in in april.

20: Herne Coal Miners: rating: 72.6 % avg age: 27 WWP 8,6 WWC 1,3

0-2: In financial trouble and a very high WWP. Cant tell where the money is going.

21: Brixton Massive: rating: 74.4 % avg age: 26.8 WWP 7,2 WWC 1,4

1-1: Is he going bot? Hope not.

The bottom group with all the struggles that comes that placement.

22: Berlin Iron Tigers: Rating: 68.3 % avg age: 24.5 WWP 8,3 WWC 0,9

1-1: High WWP, but it looks like things are being done. Vet, should survive.

23: 2nd Chronicles 7:14: rating: 66.2 % avg age: 24.3 WWP 2,0 WWC 1,7

2-0: In the strongest division, with a young and thin roster. Good start though.

24: VenoM: rating: 68.7 % avg age: 26.1 WWP 4,7 WWC 1,6

0-2: Roster looks strong enough to survive, but with little potential.

25: Debrecen Bears: rating: 68.8 % avg age: 24.6 WWP 3,7 WWC 1,1

2-0: Another young team in level 1 for the first time. Roster looks thin.

26: Sønderborg 84-pounders: rating: 67% avg age: 21,5. WWP 1,0 WWC 1,4

0-2: Youngest and cheapest roster. Goal is to get 6 w. But will settle for survival.

27: NY Islanders: rating: 61.9 % avg age: 23.5 WWP 3,7 WWC 1,0

2-0: In financial trouble. Young, but thin roster. BUILD THE STADIUM.

28: Todmorden Titans: rating: 68.8 % avg age: 24.8 WWP 3,4 WWC 1,9

1-1: A young team, who could struggle. Weak division should help.

29: Facca skull: rating 67.7 % avg age: 24. WWP 3,1 WWC 1,3

1-1: Good looking D. Still have things to learn, i think.

30: Tovari: rating: 69.3 % avg age: 24.3 WWP 4,5 WWC 2,0

0-2: Think he´ll struggle. I hope to give him 2 l. Needs to stay active to have a chance.

31: Milano Rhinos: rating: 65.5 % avg age: 24.6 WWP 2,0 WWC 0,6

0-2: Roster looks thin. Been around for ages, but mostly in D 2.

32: Bristol Hornets: rating: 61.3 % avg age: 23.9 WWP 1,0 WWC 0,9

0-2: Weakest roster. Could be a yoyo team for a while. Young, with some potential.
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