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Cheyenne Shamen

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posted: 2019-04-14 14:24:27 (ID: 100138876) Report Abuse
My proposition is simple -
every team's owner to have a possibility to bet on 1 game weekly definite amount of cash (let's say 1 mil. bucks) or credits (for example 10 credits). Of course he won't be allowed to bet on his own team's games...
The allowed choices for betting will be home/guest win or under/over etc...
I don't know if my idea is technically possible for implementation to the game engine, but in the case of yes , there are details to be put on consideration furthur...
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Leverkusen Leopards

  jack6 owns a supporter account   jack6 is a Knight of

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posted: 2019-04-14 17:10:42 (ID: 100138881) Report Abuse
I don't think gambling is a way the game should go.

I could imagine some kind of fantasy football option to play with, but even that would have to be done very carefully.

But betting on wins with ingame money (not a good idea from my point of view, since this would a l t e r the financial system heavily) or even with credits (even worse idea, since this is basically a system which is created to bring in some real live money) is in this environment massively under cheating and betraying influence and should not be an option.
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Pretty Guinness Consumers

  pete owns a supporter account   pete is a Knight of

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posted: 2019-04-14 19:42:56 (ID: 100138886) Report Abuse
on top, since Credits represent a real value, I am not allowed to run gambling based on existing laws. I was checking this, since this suggestion is not a new one.
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  Drogon owns a supporter account

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posted: 2019-04-15 22:38:00 (ID: 100138920) Report Abuse
We've had ideas or suggestions about gambling, bets, shares, casino.

We have facilities, fanshops, markets, IG money.
We don't have any bank.

pete wrote:
(...) yes, I dislike bankers too

posted: 2013-05-03 14:53:07 (ID: 94501)

Can't we have a RZA Bank ?
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Baltimore Ravens

  PJRAVENS owns a supporter account

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posted: 2019-04-18 19:39:49 (ID: 100139028)  Edits found: 1 Report Abuse
Maybe it would be possible think to improve a little bit the sponsor feature.
Now sponsor pay a price every win, maybe we can add something.
What if managers have to predict their own regular season record committing on a target.
The sponsor pays the prize only if the target is achieved
Of course more challenging is the target more high is the prize.
Let see an example
Prize 200K for a win
In the beginning of the season and before week 1 the manager commit on a regular season 10 win / 6 loss
If he achieve the target the price is 200Kx10 = 2M
In order to achieve the target the manager has to share the 30% of the prize with the team as a bonus on top the wages, and 15% guarantee
So the manager agrees with the sponsor 2M prize if he win at least 10 games in regular season
He pays immediately 15% (300K) as wage bonus.
Target achieved he will get 2M and pay other 15% (300k)
Target missed -50% morale and TC for the whole roster
In this way you have to choose a challenging target but affordable.
The same could work for target like winning Division / Conference / Bowl …
And for Sc too.
At the moment I cannot see a way to cheat…
Maybe it only a foolish idea…

Last edited on 2019-04-18 19:41:51 by PJRAVENS

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