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posted: 2011-11-10 08:00:42 (ID: 16032)
Hello guys,

Season 1 is almost over now...some playoffs and bowl games left, but that's it.

I would like to ask you if you could tell me what you like when you think about, and - much more important - what you don't like.

You might do that simply by replying to this post, or you could do that by sending me PM. If you go for the second option, please use "Satisfaction survey" as subject for your PM. You can send me PM by using this form.

Thank you very much in advance!

Don't worry, if you don't like to write it in english. You can send your feedback in your own language. But please stay away from slang, we don't want to confuse the Google Translator...

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posted: 2011-11-10 08:29:09 (ID: 16033) Report Abuse
Well i se no problem in writing what i think here, cuz its my opinion and thats what you ask for
I only write the big things for me, since there would be alot of writing if you was supposed to say something about everything.

1. The thing i like most is DC, its a very good tool and is handling players really well. Im thinking about replacements, injurys and PC stats mainly. A really good thing!
2. i do like the possibility of creating a solid income fast, this benefits teams that will join here after the seasons of proceeding. They will not be that far behind as they would otherwise, and its no fun having to only build a stadium the first 2-3 seasons
3. There is alot of statistics that you can scroll trough, always a good thing.
4. this HR department thing, havent used it so far but i will in the next 1-2 seasons. Its really nice.
5. Playbook, what can you say
6. that players can go up to 50 at a skill (i would want it even higher still) cuz that will create alot more of different players, lets say i train a player to max 40 another maxed his player at 42 =they is not the same then. If these skills is low (like 20xD) its tends to create alot of similar players
7. Most important, a really active and good admin that cares about thisthumb:

1. i think its a little bit to many games in a week, instead of 2 league and 2 SC, i would like max 3 games a week,
week 1 - 2 League, 1 SC
Week 2 - 1 league, 2 SC
week 3 - 2 league, 1 SC and so on.
Buts it just cuz this would benefit me more regarding my RL

2. its a little bit to low on injuries, at the start i had 3-4 injuries at one time when my roster was weak, that wasent fun, but since that i had nearly not have a single injury in the last 25 games... not counting ingame injuries
3. there is 8 leagues right now with 2 steeps in them
2.1 - 2.2
I would like to have more steeps here, like adding a third. and then maybe only had 4 different league..

This is what i could think about right now
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posted: 2011-11-10 08:29:16 (ID: 16034) Report Abuse
At first i have to say: i like this game.

But one thing that should be changed is the chance for non supporters to ad a second deepchart and playbook. To change this before every game there is often no time and new players dont get TC, for example.
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posted: 2011-11-10 08:36:21 (ID: 16035) Report Abuse

-possibility of making different tactics (playbook and settings match).
-league system, similar to the NFL.
-much better than -TOG-(needless to say that ...?)

Don't like

-interface (too much letter, low image)
-complicated browsing (perhaps derived from the previous...)

Thanks Peter!

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posted: 2011-11-10 09:22:17 (ID: 16036) Report Abuse

- All the options we have (playbook, fanshop, youth academy, roster history...)
- The involvement of the admin
- All the tasks u can do almost days (finances, two youth pulls per week, a lot of games)
- Facebook and other social networks integration.

Don't like

- Obvious, the interface:
* Sometimes its confussing (too much letter, no images)
* The stadium section, its too simple, I would appreciate more detailed stadium screen.
- I don't like if is fixed, but a realistic database names for each country will be excellent.

Also, I will introduce

- More detailed stats in the player profile (for ex. the teams where he has played, all the stats in a season, average records...)
- Other non physical skills for the players
- Images for the players
- Future posibility to trade draft options or players


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posted: 2011-11-10 10:06:18 (ID: 16038) Report Abuse

1. Bug fixing and progressing of the engine.
2. Depthchart and Playbook.
3. NFL-style season reglanemt.
4. Training facilities
5. Game report and game stats.

Do not like.

1. ONLY RUSH - as way to win.
2. Non NFL-style of players market (youth academy, transfer e.t.c.)

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posted: 2011-11-10 10:34:17 (ID: 16041) Report Abuse
I like most things

the community which is growing
the game is in depth enough for be diverse
the future of the game

I dont like

the way the engine throws too much luck on big plays and run is the big dominator at the moment, again apart for the big TD throw.

GotY it might work in finals but not in any other situation and a team could use it in the wildcards or playoffs to get to conference playoffs but thats as far as they would go because the team waiting still has theirs. it should be for finals only but thats a small gripe.

I have said and still say the game is stepping away from being inviting to new players with its high learning curve and is likely to get more intense.

Not enough graphically its damn ugly. friday night Munter on the pull...

I have to say as much as i want to enjoy the game i find it hard to find the excitement factor which as much as -TOG-failed in every aspect compared to this game, managed to achieve.
saying that Pete you have done a great job and glad you gave many a new home.

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posted: 2011-11-10 12:47:21 (ID: 16049) Report Abuse
I think most pros and cons I can think of are mentioned except one con:
I think it's way too many regions atm. Some of the regions hardly have enough teams to fill top league next season.
Edit: Had a quick check. Looks like 3 of 8 regions will be able to fill top league next season.

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posted: 2011-11-10 13:18:56 (ID: 16051) Report Abuse

the opportunity to fulfill my habit of online football sims... goofy habits...
most of what has been already been said...

No Likey,

the goofy facebook, twitter, google+ addons... they make the login painfully slow as it tries to log me in to some stuff I don't even have... I'll chew my own foot off before I get a facebook account...

the fact that I can play my 6'8" 350 lb. Nose Tackle at Wide Receiver... While I understand this is a soccer sim converted, where every guy can play all positions... This still confounds me in that it just isn't logical and simply not practical in the NFL...

The attributes of the youth academy pulls... I have kept only one for testing a spreadsheet I'm working on, otherwise he would have been cut also...

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posted: 2011-11-10 13:59:57 (ID: 16052) Report Abuse
yes i know this should be in the suggested section but above post reminded me.

I would prefer YP being at season end and then u have to pick a selection 18-20 for the year out of 40-50 then cut your no hopers from there. only because 2 x per week is a pain and im lazy and forget.
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