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2018-02-05 15:04
The NFL season is over! Last night the Eagles pulled a win in such a close game. We have seen nearly no defensive action by both teams. "D wins championships" seems to be not true anymore, and once more the haftime show was not what we would have expected...a German newspaper even confused the protagonist, and wrote "watch Justin Bieber tonight"...

But we do not confuse things, and want to introduce two managers to you. On the left side of the picture, there is notsch from Landru Athletics, one of the most successful teams in for years. On the right side you see hollyhh2000, owner of Wilmersdorf Wadenbeisser - who are another very successful team in

They guys met in a Pub in Berlin, just to talk about this and that and everything, they had a good time, and enjoyed the beer. Needless to say who is the favorite of the upcoming season...just check the brand of the beer...

Thanks for sharing this picture!...more
2017-11-22 01:44
From now on a new feature is available in, the so called All Stars Challenge.

The All Stars Challenge is a public game in your stadium, where you play against a selection of the best players and coaches available in It is kind of a Pro Bowl, but without any possibility of selecting the All Stars.

Once you agree to challenge the All Stars, the kickoff happens immediately.

There are different strengths available, so the All Stars can play relaxed, normal or "Match of the Year".

If you are able to win such an All Star Challenge, you will receive a trophy, based on the strength you have chosen for the All Stars.
2017-10-31 13:47
It was one of the most posted suggestions: create a version of to use it on mobile phones and tablets.

And so we went for this one, and created exactly this: mobile!

When you enter, the page determines what would be the best for you based on the device you are using. You can switch between both versions by the small icon you see at the left side of the menu. The small mobile phone sends you to the mobile version, and the computer screen over there sends you back to the classic view.

Yes, both version are available at the same time, and there is no plan to kill the classic view.

There are some minor details not working in the mobile version now. The draft board is not available, and a few more functions do not work as well. We will spend some time at those features soon. However, 99% of the functions will work on both versions of the website.
2017-10-23 22:27  (+1)
2017-10-21 10:52
From now on there is a new feature called Live Challenges. Live Challenges are basically Challenges, hence the name. But, a Live Challenge can be created nearly anytime, and as soon someone is accepting such a challenge, the simulation engine does its job, and you can start watching your game. For more info hit the manual, the forums, or just give an immediate challenge a go...
2017-08-31 19:49
Oh yes, welcome to season 27!

We hope you have set your draft orders, since the first round of our draft is happening soon.

Meanwhile you could check out the playbook. On both offense and defense you will find a distance to goalline setting, which works now based on "any", "greater than" and "lower than". We hope this will make it much easier to create sophisticated playbooks.

The Mediacenter received an "Invite" button, where you could send messages to managers missing to make their pledges. Btw, the early bird bonus payment will happen soon as well, so make sure you "loaded" the Mediacenter of your league....more
2017-06-04 12:11
Season 26 started!

The recently added Mediacenter is active now. Each manager should think about activating it. The more money a league can collect, the more income from the Mediacenter will be generated. Since most of the return will be generated coming Wednesday morning, it is important to pledge before this day.

There is a change in the simulation engine. The detection of strange tactics was enhanced once more. You have seen this engine version working through the last season in friendly games, now this is active for all games.

The influence of a players experience to his salary was raised again, as announced earlier.

Enjoy the season!...more
2017-05-25 15:06
Can opponents work together?

Yes, each league consists of 32 teams, 32 managers, and therefore 32 opponents. But what happens if they are "forced" to work together, to achieve one goal? Starting from season 26 we can see what will happen...
We added a so called Mediacenter. In the Mediacenter the Board of Owners of a certain league comes together, sits down, and discusses opportunities to earn money with presence in the media. The owners have to give away some money to make the Mediacenter work, and will receive some money from the mediacenter.

But, what happens if not all managers pledge money? Will the Mediacenter still work and create income? We will see it...

More details can be found in the manual, and for sure there will be a discussion about it in our forums......more
2017-05-24 21:24
Based on a community poll we made a change.

You are now allowed to cancel contracts for players who are retiring at the end of the season. This means, to use this you will have to enable your HR Department if you did not already. Managers not using the HR Department will have to stick with their retiring players until season rollover.

We thank our community for such a clear vote and are proud to fulfill your wishes. It is always a pleasure to receive such feedback and help. Thank you!...more
2017-03-12 16:18
2017-03-07 15:47
Oh yes!

What have Alexshans84 and JohnnyAce in common? Both won the trophy of the so called Intercontinental Elite Challenge Cup series 1 and 2. Originally invented by the great community member MTS1972, this is a huge competition. There are some Credits to lose, but great fun to earn.

And, who can tell "I received a real trophy from an Online game!"? Not many, I suppose! ...more
2016-12-26 15:34  (+1)
From the changelog: Engine 4.18 (Official) / 4.19 (Friendly): added "not behind" and "not leading" option to both Offense and Defense playbooks...more
2016-10-29 10:45
2016-09-01 21:47
Happy Birthday, RedZoneAction...more
2016-08-04 21:54
The years before we ran our annual pick'em game at ESPN, and we will do so this year as well. We created a group already. The winner if this pick'em - which usually was a close thing at the end - will receive a 3 months supporter account for free, and the runner-up will receive 50 credits.

So don't wait and join us!

2016-07-23 13:38
An unique trophy for an unique achievement!

About 8 months ago we started a competition. 64 teams from all over the world entered this great tournament, playing virtual American Football games versus each other. The winner would receive a real trophy, shipped for free to him/her.

Now we found the winner. JohnnyAce won the final battle for the so called "International Elite Challenge Cup 2" - or like we call it: IECC2. Congrats!

The trophy is on its long way to the USA. We hope it travels safe, and Johnny will receive it soon.

#RedZoneAction #AmericanFootball #Simulation #IECC2 #RealHardware...more
2016-07-03 22:44  (+1)
Since a majority of our users is based in the USA, and this game is about the American Football game, it is an usual thing for to celebrate this day.

What is the meaning of Independence Day?
Between 1765 and 1783, the American Revolution took place after a group of Englishmen traveled to America and formed the Thirteen Colonies. These settlers desired to be free from British rule, rejecting Parliament's policies such as taxation without elected representation. During this time period, the colonists put together a group of delegates from each colony, collectively known as the Continental Congress. The meeting of the Second Continental Congress began in Philadelphia on May 10, 1775.
During the meeting of the Second Continental Congress, Richard Henry Lee, a delegate from Virginia, proposed the colonies should declare themselves independent from Great Britain. After Lee's motion was approved, the Committee of Five drafted what would become the Declaration of Independence. The members of this Committee of Five were John Adams, Roger Sherman, Robert Livingston, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson. After some discussion and debate, revisions to the document were made, and the final draft was approved on July 4, 1776. This date eventually became known as Independence Day and is celebrated across the United States of America every year. Celebrations often include fireworks, parades and cookouts. Decorations and even clothing and accessories worn on Independence Day often incorporate the colors of the American flag — red, white and blue.

So, happy Independence Day, dear US-citizens!
2016-06-17 14:49
A review of the games from last wednesday, and a preview for next wednesdays games of our very unique Intercontinental Elite Challenge Cup 2

#‎RedZoneAction‬ ‪#‎IECC2‬ ‪#‎ForRealHardware‬
2016-05-22 16:02
2016-05-15 14:06
Yes, our International Elite Challenge Cup 2 enters its final round. Don't miss this one time event!
On top you will find information how to get some more Credits for free, just follow the link!
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