Frequently asked questions


How to change my players names? They have funny names like Pavl Depardieu and I want them in my countries language.

The following countries are available in the database right now:
France (thx to LevelOne), Czech Republic (thx to Odula), Sweden (thx to KingOfTh3Hil), Ukraine and Russia (thx to andrua), Poland (thx to jodla), USA, Germany

If your country appears in the list, please write to Game Administration by using Contact in the Help Menu. Ask for player renaming. We will execute the job in the background.

My country is not in the list, what to do? You could contribute two files, containing firstnames and surnames. Please send one file surnames.txt, and another file firstnames.txt. Of course surnames.txt contains only surnames, while firstnames,txt only contains firstnames. Names have to be written with a leading Capital. One name per line please, and no things like ; or ; please. Send the files to the address you got the registration email from. Please put a short information along with the files for who you are - your username in - and for which country the email and names are valid for. If you plan to do the job for more than one country, one email please.

My country is not in the list, what happens if I ask for renaming though? Easy, you will get a mix of all names. Might be your starting QB owns a chinese firstname combined with an Irish surname after the renaming...something like 美麗的花 careful, we will execute those jobs, and the worse the better ;)

Any disadvantages on renaming my players? Yes, the play by play of past matches will not match by name anymore, but the links are still working.