Process monitor
This page tells you some details about the healthyness of the page and the database connection. Whenever you see something strange you should check first this page. Also you will get a note when there is some scheduled downtime due maintenance and so on!
Process Last run Next run Status
Match calculation engine2019-07-22 15:17:512019-07-22 16:17:51OK
Match calculation engine Live Challenges2019-07-22 15:55:012019-07-22 15:57:01OK
Stats processing after matches2019-07-22 15:02:012019-07-22 16:02:01OK
Training calculation2019-07-21 04:42:552019-07-24 04:42:55OK
Financial update2019-07-21 04:02:562019-07-24 04:02:56OK
Health update2019-07-22 05:05:282019-07-23 05:05:28OK
Construction calculation2019-07-22 00:30:022019-07-23 00:30:02OK
Transfer calculation2019-07-22 01:02:272019-07-23 01:02:27OK
Anti Cheating Framework2019-07-22 01:15:032019-07-23 01:15:03OK
Database connectivityOK