RedZone Games - Feature Comparison
Full management including Economy, Fanshop-Sales, Stadium, Contract-Management for Coaches, Staff and Players No Economy-Management, just American Football, little Contract-Management for Staff and Coaches
Relaxed game-pace, each season has 78 days Fast pace, 50 days per season, 1 league-game every other day
One manager, one team Each manager can have as many teams as he/she likes
No in-game advantages to buy, no in-game advantages for Supporters Managers could buy training progress and additional Scout-reports, Managers could create their own unique players
Hands on management, long term planning possible High-level team when the Manager starts playing
NFL-like league system, with different levels of difficulty, including relegation and promotion NFL-like league system, with NO different levels of difficulty
Friendly Games scheduleable each weekday without other games
Friendly Cups against other managers including several types of scheduling/ divisional mode
Scrimmage Games can be scheduled every hour when no game is played
Sophisticated American Football Simulation engine
Includes Depth Chart and Playbooks for both Offense and Defense
3-days Draft once per season
Community to discuss everything with Managers from around the world
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