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ELO score: 1301 - Rank global: 5 - Rank in league: 5

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Team chemistry:
100 %
100 %
Physical condition:
99 %
Financial situation:
79.2 %
79.4 %
  Avg Age Seniors: 25.7
Pass Defense:
84.3 %
  Rush Defense:
83.5 %
  Weekly wages Players $ 5,585,602
Special Team:
87.1 %
81.8 %
  Weekly wages Coaches $ 2,193,658
Stadium: Vulcano Field (capacity: 144300)
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Season 5Winner Thunder 2 NC North
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2018-08-16 15:15:41 - Historic Season 31 HOF ClassReport Abuse

The Styrian Bears almost doubled their number of Hall of Fame members in Season 31 by introducing a record number of 5 legends to their distinct circle of excellence.

Season 31 Styrian Bears HOF Class

LB Marco Moscati
DE Boleslaw Šindler
OT Sumarliði Guðlaugsson
DE Iljios Rodi
OT Sebastian Ziegler

All of them were key starters on at least 2 Elite League Championship teams (2-trait-legend Guðlaugsson won even a 3rd one as the starting Center in Season 18) and finished their careers with Player Ratings of at least 4,5*. DE Boleslaw and OT Ziegler even made it to 5* - the first to do so in the history of the franchise. Also Sebastian Ziegler is the first youth pull of the Styrian Bears to join their HOF.

OLB Marco Moscati is the Ferrari in the bears spacious garage of historical pass rushers and retired as the all time leader in Elite League Sacks. At age 30 Moscatis decision came as a huge shock to fans and the Front Office alike, but any remaining tensions got washed away in a tearful induction ceremony.

Before the event, Moscati did a salty Reddit AMA: "I just wanted to retire a bear, man. I gave so much to the team, the coaches, even the GM, who payed me like a backup WR, while I was breaking sack records year after year. Suddenly new guys come in, I see my snaps go down even though I'm as efficient as ever... Just felt a bit disrespected man, and then I had my 2 rings, the Elite record... There was nothing more to achieve and I didnt want to put my body in the line of harm any longer, because I was feeling that everyone took what I did for granted and I wasnt getting the same respect as in the earlier years ... But I'm fine now, the vegan sportsdrink startup is doing well and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again at the induction." To promote his new company "Mo' Fluids", Moscati wore a shirt saying "Go Vegan or Go HOF", which didnt make particularly sense.

Moscatis insane sack numbers (162 EL sacks without playoffs) would not have been possible though without the roadgrading help of bookend-DEs Boleslaw Šindler and Iljios Rodi. Besides their dominance in the run game, both excelled at breaking blocks in the trenches to engage Fullbacks on pass plays, paving the way for Styrias feared Linebackers to hunt down overstrained QBs - contributions that dont show up in the DLs statsheets, but in those of the likes of Moscati instead.

Even Marco acknowledged as much, stating: "After all those years, I should probably buy those guys a beer. They did all the hard work and I got the endorsement deals and the Ferrari. But its good that the three of us are here today together, sharing the accolades for our contribution and representing our great defensive unit."

Yet again the former pass rusher could not hold back on the issue of compensation: "On the other hand, Boleslaw looted the team with his numerous threats to retire, maybe he should get us a round."

The induction of icelandic fan favourite Sumarliði Guðlaugsson was an especially emotional affair: He was brought into the Youth Academy as a 16 y/o for a then largely critizised transfer fee of 50 Mill., given that his physical caps were still unknown. Yet Sumarliði had both Stonewall AND Pass Blocking traits and in the end the gamble payed off: Guðlaugsson became not only a 50 Strength guy, but the bedrock for Styrias OL for years to come. After 5 seasons in YA and 12 with the starters he retired with 3 Elite Leage Bowls and a winner of 3 Champ of Champs Cups.

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2012-08-12 22:42:46 - WelcomeReport Abuse

The Styrian Bears proudly presented their first draft class at Vulcano Field, with high hopes that their newest stars will become the building block of a defense that will strike fear in opponents. The Bears went all D with the selection of MLB José Andrés Rosillo in the 1st, LB Aleksandr Banshchikov in the 2nd and DE Vincenzo Winkler in the 3rd round.

While José Andrés Rosillo was an "absolute no-brainer" according to GM Buddy Ryan, who referred to Rosillo as "simply one of the best overall players on our board" that should become "the new anchor of our defense", 2nd round pick Banshchikov left some observers scratching their heads. The Bears were expected to take a DE to improve their front four with their second pick, which they used to get another Linebacker many considered best suited to play MLB instead. Scouts describe Banshikov as a high floor guy who should be able to help his new team from day one, but also physically limited. "I don't see much room to improve in terms of strength and speed and there are other guys with a higher ceiling who should be off the board before this kids name is going to be called", an anonymous league source said, but added that Banshchikov could "mask his limited athleticism with his high football IQ and relentless work ethic".

Still, Banshichkov should be strong enough to develop into a tackling specialist and have enough speed to keep up with the faster TEs when dropping into coverage. "We saw what this kid is able to do and how well he reads offenses already. Aleksandr can be found around the ball carrier on every single play and puts himself into positions to make big plays", an enthusiastic Ryan told reporters at the introduction ceremony. "With our first draft, we wanted to define our identity too: The Styrian Bears want to be a strong defensive team with great team spirit and the ability to make big plays on both sides of the ball. We want more than one playmaker at the LB position, and now we have a strong core with Aleksandr and José in place. They will be the brains of this defense for years to come".

While the concerns about Banshchikov, widely considered a 3rd round choice, are mostly about his ability to defend against the run, the Bears seemed poised to fix that potential problem right away when they used their 3rd pick to bring DE Vincenzo Winkler to Styria. In a DL-class full of intriguing prospects at the top of the board, Winkler fell to the third round tough considered a late 2nd round pick. The speedy DE has enough strength to challenge most Offensive Tackles and bring opposing RBs and QBs to the ground, and his GM thinks that Winklers new coaches might "push him even a little bit further in the physical area".

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