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ELO score: 1084 - Rank global: 24 - Rank in league: 3

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Team chemistry:
98 %
100 %
Physical condition:
99 %
Financial situation:
85.8 %
85.6 %
  Avg Age Seniors: 27.7
Pass Defense:
85.6 %
  Rush Defense:
84.6 %
  Weekly wages Players $ 6,865,480
Special Team:
80.3 %
84.6 %
  Weekly wages Coaches $ 2,783,772
Stadium: Bobcat den (capacity: 144300)
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Season 30Winner Admirals Division 1.1 AC North
Season 29Member RZA Elite League
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Season 28Conference Champion Admirals Division 1.1 AC
Season 28Winner Admirals Division 1.1 AC East
Season 26Winner Admirals Division 1.1 AC East
Season 21Winner Admirals Division 1.1 AC East
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Season 18Conference Champion Admirals Division 1.1 AC
Season 18Winner Admirals Division 1.1 AC South
Season 17Member RZA Elite League
Season 16League Champion Admirals Division 1.1
Season 16Conference Champion Admirals Division 1.1 NC
Season 16Winner Admirals Division 1.1 NC West
Season 15Winner Admirals Division 1.1 NC West
Season 14Member RZA Elite League
Season 13Conference Champion Admirals Division 1.1 NC
Season 13Winner Admirals Division 1.1 NC North
Season 12Winner Admirals Division 1.1 NC North
Season 11Winner Admirals Division 1.1 NC North
Season 10Winner Admirals Division 1.1 NC North
Season 9League Champion Admirals Division 1.1
Season 9Conference Champion Admirals Division 1.1 NC
Season 9Winner Admirals Division 1.1 NC North
Season 8Winner Admirals Division 1.1 NC North
Season 7Winner Admirals Division 1.1 NC North
Season 5Winner Admirals Division 1.1 NC North
Season 4Conference Champion Admirals Division 2.2 NC
Season 4Winner Admirals Division 2.2 NC East
Season 3Winner Admirals Division 2.2 NC East
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2017-04-24 01:30:36 - key player to build aroundReport Abuse

on O
QB 24yo Stanley Henson
despite beening a YA product his 50speed and 44str he shown to be the real deal. As his xp grows so does his ablities.

WR 23yo Ronnie Dennis Drafted 2nd round
Since his role being expanded and despite his 46spd.
He has show to be the furture number 1 WR.

HB Qabel Lanca 20yo drafted 2nd round. with his 44str and 50spd. He devloping in to a nightmare for defense. He will some playing time next season

On D
It hard to pick just 3 but here it goes

OLB Hartwig Kaiser 20yo drafted in the 1st round
His 44str 50spd should make him a beast in our heave blizt scheme.

MLB Mikko Rahimi 19YO the TM buy will be a beast at MLB with his 48str 50spd and 50int

OLB/MLB Ovidijus Jablonskis 19yo 1st round pick
he should be great and OLB and MLB with 47int 47str and 48spd

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2017-04-24 01:08:37 - nice to reportReport Abuse

I have all the peices over the next 8-10 season. Now it just giving the young guy to devope and getting them in the line up early to earn xp.
Despite this I belive that this team will be read for elite soon. And should go deep in 1.1 playoffs

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2016-12-31 23:20:42 - rebuilding almost doneReport Abuse

QB should be to form about mid season. Time to start training the skills up for 38-40 to 42-45.

this year team might surprise me make a run to the playoffs. Then again will likely miss out on the playoff with 8to9 wins

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2016-06-18 23:11:03 - rebuilding full throttleReport Abuse

Sell off most older players since I am rebuilding around the upcoming QB. Also got to balance the budget until I am ready to make other run at the elite

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2014-08-25 22:23:53 - other seaon doneReport Abuse

Regaurdless how the bowl game turns out this was a good season for the bobcats.

The new playbook work well. And with a few slight coaching changes. It should be more effective next year.

Now my team will have to cut back some on our coach spending this up comeing season. SO hopefully we find the coaches we are looking before week 6 of next season.

Now some shout outs.
Frist goes to the O line. They only gave up 1 sack in the seaon.

The next goes to my TEs they step up to the plate in this new O.between the to they got nealry 1400 yards and 7TD

the last shout out goes to my LB core. This year they show they can get to a QB and they can pick the ball.
I hope for a repeat for next season.

player that will be lost
1Park Dul MLB
has been a starting LB on this team for long time. It hard to see him go but i have 3 player who will be fighting to take his role as a starter
Jarrod Klinger 23yo drafted DL strongest best suited for MLB
Rodrick Downing 22yo the beast of beast 47 and 47
best suited for OLB
Dwight Fogle 24yo a drafted RB trained to LB
Best suited for MLB

2Lyman Barry OLB
one of the few player that was on the team form the start.And done great job as a backup. His role will be filled with one by one of the 3 I talk about earlier

Sebastian Peek DT
He has been a beast since he joined the team. Way back when. Good news for the team is that we alead have replacement as we will move one on our 50str de to DT and we already have a 47 49 de ready to take DE spot in the rotation.

Broderick Kimble DT
he was bought few seasons back. He been a great back up player the number 3 spot at DT. Now I aleady have his replacement on hand and other YA player ready to fight for his spot

player gained
Abedi Rwema 22yo QB
I bought him as a back up to a backup
But with his str 42-44 and speed 45-47 caping
He could be my next staring QB.
But I must first chose which QB to get ride on infornt of him. my 25yo or my 27yo QB

Ekevu Okeke 25yo TE bought as the back up TE who so far has show he can hold his own. But will be a carree backup.

Lawrence Creighton k drafted while his str is weak 38
he do fine once my current k retires.

Nickolas Mcginnis 21 darfted SF he a big ?
while his str 38 and speed 47 his int leaves something to be wanted.Still not sure what i'll do with him.

Jarrod Klinger 23 drafted LB he was one of the best drafted LB I ever goting. He will have shot at starting next seaon 48str 41 speed int 50

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