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Team chemistry:
100 %
100 %
Physical condition:
97 %
Financial situation:
70.2 %
69.3 %
  Avg Age Seniors: 26.1
Pass Defense:
76.4 %
  Rush Defense:
77.8 %
  Weekly wages Players $ 5,813,577
Special Team:
66.8 %
73.0 %
  Weekly wages Coaches $ 2,083,505
Stadium: The Graveyard (capacity: 144300)
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2016-11-22 13:24:02 - Persistence pays off..Report Abuse

For the 1st time in their history, respected Ranking site Beckos lists the Celtics as the #1 team in RZA, leapfrogging the mighty San Diego Blitzkrieg.

The ranking is likely to be short-lived, and the #1 position may never again be ours, but for now, we are there.

Excuse me while I load the page again, just to check my old eyes have not deceived me

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2016-01-16 11:42:58 - Financial Shackles to be liftedReport Abuse

With the Celtics set to return to the Elite League for season 20, the team owners have finally announced the ending of the 'tight as a gnat's chuff' policy on player salaries.

The retirement of 2 key components of the offensive line is the main reason, with the coach under direct orders to work on the most crucial skills of those players set to replace the retirees as quickly as possible.

The CEO was heard muttering "You have $1.1bn saved up, now bloody use it!"

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2014-05-27 16:30:30 - WhoopsReport Abuse

With star receiver Kazlauskas set to retire, the Championship game should have been his opportunity to hand it to the Cardinals, a team who the Celtics beat comfortably earlier in the season.

But stupidly, coach JonnyP selected the wrong DC from the drop down menu, left Kazlauskas behind, along with Tuqiri, and several other stars on both O and D.

The SHAME of it!

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2014-02-25 13:43:52 - Out with the old...Report Abuse

Leeds go into the playoffs with 2 of the key components in their powerful running game set to retire. Tailback Vegar Okui, and Tackle Tatsuo Denis have been fine servants of the club and will be sorely missed. The Celtics will be looking to brush aside the tag of 'nearly men' to ensure these 2 fine players can retire as winners.

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2012-10-27 12:29:46 - High hopes for season 6Report Abuse

After several seasons of frustration, the announcement of the 'freedom of offense act' was greeted with euphoria in the Leeds Celtics dressing room.

The Celtics were put together as a passing team, with thought being given to combining an explosive passing threat with a strong offensive line, and enough of a running threat to keep opposing defenses on their toes.

After too many seasons of having to conform to run-1st football, the Leeds corps of elite wideouts, combined with Tuqiri, one of the best QBs in RZA, are now primed to be let off the leash.

Expect big plays, big scorelines, and high octane entertainment.......... the only question mark hanging over the side though is....... is the defense good enough?

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