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League: Galaxy 1 AC North

ELO score: 852 - Rank global: 103 - Rank in league: 6

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Team chemistry:
100 %
100 %
Physical condition:
98 %
Financial situation:
64.7 %
58.7 %
  Avg Age Seniors: 21.9
Pass Defense:
66.5 %
  Rush Defense:
65.1 %
  Weekly wages Players $ 1,530,082
Special Team:
86.9 %
65.5 %
  Weekly wages Coaches $ 1,559,393
Stadium: The Toolshed (capacity: 144300)
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Season 41Winner Galaxy 1 AC North
Season 39Winner Galaxy 1 AC North
Season 38Winner Galaxy 1 AC North
Season 35Winner Galaxy 2 NC West
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Division Champion in seasons: 35, 38, 39, 41
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2021-02-03 09:22:19 - Developing a Team of WunderkindsReport Abuse

Notes on Season 41:

- Eliminated from playoffs for the second season in a row by Mongolian Prairie Weasels (rivalry??)

- Second full season of implementing long term plan for team OL, DL and Linebackers (see Notes on Season 40)

- Based on point system described in Season 40 Notes Tool has:
16 DL at 139+ (an increase of 7 more players than last season)
includes 6 DL at 142+ (max is 150)
11 LB at 96+ (an increase of 3 more players than last season)
includes 5 LB at 98+ (max is 100)
11 OL at 139+ (an increase of 3 more players than last season)
includes 8 OL at 144+ (max is 150)

- 27 players are training beyond a red physical trait, down from 40 (due to players hitting maximum of 50 in STR or SPD)

- Measure of Success: goal is to hit 80% overall rating while remaining below $3 million in wages
- Season 41 Accounting:
- Current Overall % 71.4
- Current Wages $937k
- Average Age of Roster 20.9

- After showing -$96 million as Tool's balance after all income and expenditures last season,
the team showed a positive cash flow of $44 million this season.
- Player wages were kept around $25 million for the season

-Questions for the future:
- what happens when the team's starters reach their training goals?
- how well does this team compete with League 1 teams? Elite teams?
- with tactics set to rotate players under 100% phys cond, how much will experience gains be hindered?
- how much of a role will a roster full of lesser experienced players have in determining overall percentage?

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2020-11-14 07:38:55 - Best Team Money Can BuyReport Abuse

Notes on Season 40:

- Eliminated from playoffs in first round
- First full season of implementing long term plan for team OL, DL and Linebackers.
- Plan puts a premium on intelligence, teamwork, and the corresponding physical attribute according to position.
- Point totals are given to each player. For example, a DL with 50 INT, 50 TW, and 47 STR has a value of 147.
- OL uses the same points, LB focuses on SPD and INT.
- Currently Tool boasts 9 DL at 139+ // 8 LB at 96+ // 8 OL at 139+
- Younger players are of immense value as their physicals are trained beyond red faster than older players.
- Currently 40+ players are training beyond the red physical trait complimentary to their position.

- Goal is to train player skills to 30, agility to 35, keeping their wages between 30 and 40k.
- Further measure of this goal is to hit 80% overall rating while remaining below $3 million in wages

- $250 million spent since late season 39 to acquire players fitting this plan
- This amount will be easily replenished in the coming seasons by low wages:
- Top 32 teams in wages paid are paying more than $6 million a week // $132 million annually
- Tool's goal wage will only pay out half this amount annually
- As it will take multiple seasons to reach the goal, even lower wages means more money saved
- For example, season 40 wages were kept under $30 million total

The real questions are:
- what happens when the team's starters reach their training goals?
- how well does this team compete with League 1 teams? Elite teams?

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2020-07-26 18:41:19 - King of the NorthReport Abuse

Tool have clinched the AC North for the second season in a row!

Notes on Season 39:

- War chest crossing over $400 million this season
- Goal set of hitting 80 rating with wages under $3 million
- Opened playbook up for first time this season
- Goal set to utilize depth chart next season
- Best season record ever: 14-2
- High quality youth academy personnel makes for promising future
- Began contributing write-ups this season
- Spent most ever on one player. $7.5 million on a 19 year old O-lineman, then drank too much Guinness in celebration and forgot to clear a spot in youth academy for him
- Made a couple friends in the AC North, but secretly loathe them and want to destroy them, but will keep "playing nice" so they let their guard down
- Goal set to destroy friends

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2020-03-11 09:00:14 - Quarter of a Billion Dollar YoungstersReport Abuse

Entering our 4th season as a Top Manager at Tool, there is much to be excited about. We continue to build upon our war chest and will deftly pass a quarter of a billion dollars on our way to a possible $300 Million by season’s end. This purse will begin to deplete at some point in Tool’s building process, as our players become more skilled every season.

And skilled they will become. The average talent on the team is over 4 stars, and the average age of the squad is 22.2.

Last season we went 10-6 in the Galaxy 1 Divison. An 11-5 record was good enough to make the playoffs, and seems like a reasonable goal ONLY if we can pull out one upset out of the two games we play division rival ‘Ghosts in the Ring.’ Premature to call them a rival when they’ve won the division the last 4 seasons. However, last year this team of players barely old enough to drink battled the 15-1 Ghosts late into the season, unfortunately losing that match 30-27. A loss is a loss, but the quality of play gives Tool much hope for the future.

We finished our 1st Round in the draft and are happy to see our receiver core building into what should give Tool’s quarterback and fan favorite, Gonzalo Barajas, a stable of weapons to choose from. Javier Allen is a 5 star talented receiver with a 45.3 speed at yellow and a 40tw. Watching to see how close this draft’s top rated talent in receiving can get to clocking his speed at 50.

Word is the Youth Academy is giddy with excitment as they are developing a 19 year old phenom in Hunter Carrillo. A WR with 50 speed, 50 teamwork, and a slippery trait is enough to haunt any opposing Ghost. He is highly talented with 4.5 stars and his agility is almost 40- is it possible for players to be fans? If so, Barajas runs the fan club.

Our plucky reporter down in Los Angeles asked the 23 year old quarterback about his future nuclear option, and he had this to say.

“Sara, Hunter Carrillo is living proof that the Youth Academy works. I believe he could be a 4 star rated receiver before he even takes the field for Tool. But if I may bend your ear for a moment, I’m really beginning to question just how too good to be true Hunter really is. I’m questioning our reality, Sara. If this is all just some weird simulation and I’m not-”

This season our average starter is between a 3-star and 3.5 star rating, so a 4 star receiver sounds like an All-Star here in the Toolshed Arena. With a desired focus on offense in the upcoming seasons, Hunter Carrillo is as unreal as they get.

Thank you for reading!

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2019-10-02 14:28:35 - 100 Million Dollar LosersReport Abuse

The consensus being its going to take a few seasons to "git gud", we are building up the players on our current roster rather than bringing in very many free agents. The Premium Youth Academy has delivered some promising youths for the future and we hope to come up with an efficient training system that utilizes our many facilities. The savings in money by not taking part in the transfer market has lead to a war chest of over 100 million bucks.

Our postseason experience was short-lived in Galaxy 2, as we got beat before getting a chance to challenge the now champion "Cheap Seat Chuggers." Luckily we still relegated to Galaxy 1 where we can take another crack at the Chuggers this season.

In the meantime, better keep training these players and see if we can win a game or two in a much tougher league this season. Happy training!

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