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Joined the game: 2011-09-07 / S00

Manager rank is Top Manager

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League: RZA Elite League NC South

ELO score: 1372 - Rank global: 2 - Rank in league: 2

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Team chemistry:
97 %
100 %
Physical condition:
99 %
Financial situation:
82.5 %
77.4 %
  Avg Age Seniors: 27
Pass Defense:
81.9 %
  Rush Defense:
81.8 %
  Weekly wages Players $ 5,948,751
Special Team:
89.1 %
82.1 %
  Weekly wages Coaches $ 1,739,128
Stadium: The Palace (capacity: 144300)
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Season 39Member RZA Elite League
Season 38Friendly Cup Gator Bowl II
Season 38Friendly Cup Colossevm Cvp I
Season 38Winner RZA Elite League 0 NC South
Season 38Member RZA Elite League
Season 37Global Bowl (Supercup)
Season 37Friendly Cup Duck Bowl XIII
Season 37Member RZA Elite League
Season 36Winner RZA Elite League 0 NC South
Season 36Member RZA Elite League
Season 35Winner RZA Elite League 0 NC South
Season 35Member RZA Elite League
Season 34Winner RZA Elite League 0 NC South
Season 34Member RZA Elite League
Season 33Friendly Cup Gator Bowl I
Season 33Winner RZA Elite League 0 NC South
Season 33Member RZA Elite League
Season 32Member RZA Elite League
Season 31Friendly Cup IECC4 - Qualification 8
Season 31Member RZA Elite League
Season 30Member RZA Elite League
Season 29Friendly Cup Bear Republic Cup III
Season 29Member RZA Elite League
Season 28All Stars Challenge, All Stars were playing relaxed tactics
Season 28All Stars Challenge, All Stars were playing aggressive tactics
Season 28All Stars Challenge, All Stars were playing standard tactics
Season 28All Stars Challenge, All Stars were playing standard tactics
Season 28Friendly Cup Anglo-Italian Challenge
Season 28Member RZA Elite League
Season 27Global Bowl (Supercup)
Season 27Member RZA Elite League
Season 26Friendly Cup Intercontinental Elite Challenge Cup 3 Q7
Season 26Friendly Cup Bear Republic Cup II
Season 26Winner RZA Elite League 0 NC South
Season 26Member RZA Elite League
Season 25Friendly Cup Intercontinental Elite Challenge Cup 3 Q4
Season 25Winner RZA Elite League 0 NC South
Season 25Member RZA Elite League
Season 24Friendly Cup Scarecrow Bowl VII
Season 24Winner RZA Elite League 0 NC South
Season 24Member RZA Elite League
Season 23League Champion RZA Elite League 0
Season 23Conference Champion RZA Elite League 0 NC
Season 23Global Bowl (Supercup)
Season 23Champ of Champions
Season 23Friendly Cup Alpencup
Season 23Winner RZA Elite League 0 NC South
Season 23Member RZA Elite League
Season 22League Champion RZA Elite League 0
Season 22Conference Champion RZA Elite League 0 NC
Season 22Champ of Champions
Season 22Friendly Cup Lion Trophy Cup
Season 22Friendly Cup Saban Bowl
Season 22Winner RZA Elite League 0 NC South
Season 22Member RZA Elite League
Season 21League Champion RZA Elite League 0
Season 21Conference Champion RZA Elite League 0 NC
Season 21Friendly Cup PoPs Championship Bowl
Season 21Friendly Cup Scarecrow Bowl II
Season 21Winner RZA Elite League 0 NC South
Season 21Member RZA Elite League
Season 20Global Bowl (Supercup)
Season 20Friendly Cup Midwinter Cup
Season 20Friendly Cup IECC2, Qualification Cup 4
Season 20Winner RZA Elite League 0 NC South
Season 20Member RZA Elite League
Season 19Friendly Cup Holiday Cup II
Season 19Friendly Cup Power Challenge
Season 19Member RZA Elite League
Season 18Member RZA Elite League
Season 17Member RZA Elite League
Season 16Conference Champion RZA Elite League 0 NC
Season 16Friendly Cup Everyones Power Cup
Season 16Winner RZA Elite League 0 NC South
Season 16Member RZA Elite League
Season 15Friendly Cup Coupe de Grace
Season 15Member RZA Elite League
Season 14Global Bowl (Supercup)
Season 14Friendly Cup Pitcairn Power Cup
Season 14Member RZA Elite League
Season 13League Champion Galaxy 1
Season 13Conference Champion Galaxy 1 NC
Season 13Friendly Cup Star-Spawn Tournament II
Season 13Friendly Cup RZA World CUp III
Season 12League Champion Galaxy 1
Season 12Conference Champion Galaxy 1 NC
Season 12Friendly Cup ofab bowl
Season 12Friendly Cup Duck Bowl IV
Season 12Friendly Cup Redskins Sunday Bowl
Season 12Winner Galaxy 1 NC East
Season 11Friendly Cup NAFTA BOWL
Season 11Friendly Cup Beach Boys Power Cup II
Season 11Winner Galaxy 1 NC East
Season 10Conference Champion Galaxy 1 NC
Season 10Friendly Cup Battle in the Trenches
Season 10Friendly Cup Blood Bowl IV
Season 10Winner Galaxy 1 NC East
Season 9League Champion Galaxy 1
Season 9Conference Champion Galaxy 1 NC
Season 9Winner Galaxy 1 NC East
Season 8Friendly Cup Silverbowl I
Season 8Friendly Cup Kaziklu Bey Cup II (power mode)
Season 8Winner Galaxy 1 NC East
Season 7Conference Champion Galaxy 1 NC
Season 7Global Bowl (Supercup)
Season 7Friendly Cup All-American Cup III
Season 7Friendly Cup BLUE-PAW-LEAGUE Season II
Season 7Friendly Cup Spanish–American War
Season 7Winner Galaxy 1 NC East
Season 6Friendly Cup RZA World Cup I
Season 5Conference Champion Galaxy 1 NC
Season 5Friendly Cup All-American Cup II
Season 4Friendly Cup All-American Cup
Season 4Winner Galaxy 1 NC East
Season 3League Champion Galaxy 1
Season 3Conference Champion Galaxy 1 NC
Season 2Conference Champion Galaxy 1 NC
Season 2Friendly Cup Ludovico "il Moro" Sforza Cup
Season 2Winner Galaxy 1 NC East
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Game type Won Lost
Champ of Champions00
Friendly Cup10
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Elite member in seasons: 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39
Superbowl Champion in seasons: 3, 9, 12, 13, 21, 22, 23
Conference Champion in seasons: 2, 3, 5, 7, 9, 10, 12, 13, 16, 21, 22, 23
Division Champion in seasons: 2, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 16, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 33, 34, 35, 36, 38
Champ of Champions in seasons: 22, 23
Super Cup Champion in seasons: 7, 14, 20, 23, 27, 37
Friendly Cups won in seasons: 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 28, 29, 31, 33, 37, 38
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2016-12-17 16:37:49 - Swan Song for Yong McwhorterReport Abuse

Tomorrow is the last game for quarterback Yong Mcwhorter. I wouldn’t say that he’s the best Elite League player ever…but he’s certainly in the conversation. He probably has the most hardware, 3 Elite League Titles, 3 SuperCups and 2 CofC Championships plus a host of other trophies.

He was the prototype QB for a now past era, the era of the unsackable QB. His regular season elite league statistics were 128 games, 27,000 yards, 65% completion percentage, 265 TDs, 23 Interceptions, only 23 sacks (14 in this final season) and a QB Rating of 95.93. He is also the all-time elite league leader in game MVP awards with 57.

But Mcwhorter wasn’t always destine for greatness with the Blitz. He started with the Waiheke Island Kiwis before being placed for sale. Despite several other bidders, San Diego managed to grab him for the bargain price of $40M (apparently bwadders76 went to bed, leaving me the opportunity to outbid him). After spending a bit of time on the bench, he began starting for the Blitz taking over for Johnie “Football” Grisham in Season #16. He continued for the next 8 seasons until tomorrow when he’ll play his final game.

Good bye Yong!

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2016-04-15 21:41:33 - San Diego Blitz All-Double Decade TeamReport Abuse

San Diego Blitz All-Double Decade Team:

QB: Yong Mcwhorter (96.75 QBR, 141 TDs in 80 games)
FB: Landon Medlock (14,500+ rushing yards, 97 TDs)
WR: Royal Epstein (7,000+ receiving yards)
WR: Horst-Peter Meyer (67 TDs)
WR: Leslie Galbraith (5,000+ receiving yards)
TE: Stevie Conrad
OL: Orlando Underwood (200+ games at FB & OT)
OL: Cecil Hedrick (2,000+ pancakes, original SDB player)
OL: Adolfo Aguirre
OL: Ionut Lazar
OL: Trèsor Rossa

DE: Quintin Doan (49 sacks)
NT: Cristian Luna (150+ TFL)
DE: Nathan Mauro (RZA's most expensive player $250M)
LB: Lewis Wertz (57 interceptions, 25 defensive TDs)
LB: Orlando Rock (32 sacks)
LB: Otto Richardet (28 interceptions)
LB: Colby Macdonald (94.4% tackling)
CB: Danny Ryder (53 interceptions, 28 defensive TDs)
CB: Smokey Dyer (27 interceptions)
SF: Dharmi Prasad (RZA's fastest man)
SF: Daquain Matthews (27 interceptions @ CB & Safety)

K: Raymond Pennington
P: Buck Rosenberg

Honorable Mention: Etre Sárvári (QB), Johnie Grisham (QB), Harrison Castillo (RB), Lemuel Draper (FB), Dajan Bankole (WR), Haywood Beers (DE), Raul Bacon (NT), Lyndon Macon (LB/CB) & Domenic Matthiessen (DE/LB/CB/SF)

Greatest Moment: In Season #3 Galaxy 1.1 Bowl, Landon Medlock's 67 yard TD run versus the Cameroon Turtles!

2 and 4 to go on own 33, Harley Milburn (OC) snaps the ball to Matt Mckenna (QB), who hands off to Landon Medlock (HB/L), he starts running over the left end, Friedemann Martin (DE/L) breaks through, there is no SS who could tackle him, Landon Medlock (HB/L) breaks the tackles of Demetrio Contreras (CB/R), he is able to avoid the tackling of Antone Lujan (FS/C), forward progress: 67 yards, touchdown

Started off a 31-6 victory route over the arrogrant Turtles and delivered to San Diego it's first Championship Trophy!

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2016-04-09 23:02:44 - 3rd Super Cup Victory Report Abuse

San Diego scored their third Global Bowl victory with a thrilling 24-23 victory over the Landru Athletics. This game also represented the swan song for five Blitz players: elite WR Horst-Peter Meyer (700+ receptions, 6500+ yards & 67 TD’s). stub CB Quinn Landry (16 interceptions, 8 defensive TD’s), long-term TE Johnathon Christianson, veteran DB Leonard Krüger and French OL Maxence Marquis.

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2015-09-15 18:16:44 - Swan song for Johnie Football…Report Abuse

Today is the final day for Johnie “Football” Grisham with San Diego. Johnie has been helm of the Blitz after replacing Jahina Louis and now, like greats Joe Montana and Peyton Manning, moves on to another team…riding off into the San Diego sunset as an Galaxy champion and one of the finest field generals in the Elite league . Grisham will finish with almost 14,000 yards passing, more than 120 passing TDs and only 4 sacks (league games only). Goodbye Johnie!

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2015-08-04 20:59:34 - Baker’s dozen depart…Report Abuse

The Blitz will lose 13 players going into season 18…eleven due to retirement and two due to sale. The list includes the all-time leading receiver Royal Epstein, 725 catches, 7000+ yards & 62 TDs. Mr. 50/50 Orlando Rock who finishes with 500+ tackles & 32 sacks and the almost perfect mind & body (50 strength, 49.6 speed & 50 intelligence). Long time kicker/punter Buck Rosenberg, 405 FGs, 79.3% FGP & 42.3 ypp. Also departing were Anton Jernigan (RB), Samuele Grimaldi (RB), Daniel Gill (WR), Stevie Conrad (TE), Eduardo Bratton (OL), Trèsor Rossa (OL), Sammy Braxton (DL), (LB), Otto Richardet (LB), Danylo Martyniuk (LB) and Hobert Chang (S).

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