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ELO score: 1073 - Rank global: 40 - Rank in league: 5

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98 %
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76.5 %
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77.1 %
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Season 34Friendly Cup Banana Bowl IV
Season 34Winner Admirals 1 AC East
Season 33Winner Admirals 1 AC East
Season 32Member RZA Elite League
Season 31Conference Champion Admirals 1 AC
Season 30Friendly Cup Appalachian Rumble Bowl IV
Season 30Friendly Cup IECC4 - Qualification 2
Season 29All Stars Challenge, All Stars were playing standard tactics
Season 29Winner Admirals 1 AC West
Season 28All Stars Challenge, All Stars were playing relaxed tactics
Season 27Winner Admirals 1 AC West
Season 24Friendly Cup Bear Republic Cup
Season 23Conference Champion Admirals 3 AC
Season 23Friendly Cup Sunday under 60 overall
Season 23Winner Admirals 3 AC West
Season 21Winner Admirals 3 AC West
Season 20Winner Admirals 3 AC West
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Division Champion in seasons: 20, 21, 23, 27, 29, 33, 34
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2019-06-30 17:12:56 - The Seconde Era dawns where the First Era sets downReport Abuse

Season #34
Admirals 1 League record : 13-3 for a back-to-back Division title.
In AC East three great teams battled: Packers and Ghosts fought hard until the very last match.
The Playoff matches were a cross challenge between East and West Divisions and gave their response: Kids vs Thepitchhitchin at the Conference Finals. Lakers kist to Melittelmenon only for a field goal disadvantage, but enough to close the door in front of Lakers' hopes.
Lakers are still among playoff contenders in Admirals 1.

SuperCup : 14-1
SC qualification rounds are tougher than before since a couple of seasons, another second place in the rankings has to be noted as another seasonal success.
Three playoff matches played before elimination:
Victorìes vs East Coast Crushers in the first PO round and Traktor Tiefe Furche in the second. .
On the third match, Juggernaut crushed Lakers' will.

Champ of Champions : not qualified

Some new shiny Bananas in the trophy room, after a resounding victory in the Banana Bowl IV, overcoming Wadenbeisser, Tampa Bay Bandits and Griffins in the elimination rounds.

Still missing the All-Stars Challenge trophy in MOTY mode.

Lakers players with seasonal individual titles:
Player Quirino Cazzato received an award for his performance shown on the field - category league DL, rank: 3
Player Pepe De Silvestro received an award for his performance shown on the field - category league RB, rank: 1 & category regional RB, rank: 2
Pepe showed that the retirement of Mijo Berger was absorbed without downgrading.

Another season on the edge of success, great building in the regular season and some flaws in the playoffs that costed Lakers elimination gave demonstration that we are a well established franchise in Admirals. We still miss some sparks in key moments along the road, that negated to Lakers the biggest prizes.

The loss of Elite players continued in season 34. another bunch of champions have retired, losing quality players that built the history of the franchise, both in defense and offense lineups.

Youth Academy is continuing to provide future championss, but we need their best football immediately, or risking hard downfall.

Only 1 Hall of Famers out of season 34:
Guerino Grando (QB) our Elite helmsman, his N°10 jersey will be retired to honour his brilliant career.

Five good players will retire too, another part of the backbone of the last seasons.

Coaching staff has been confirmed after a convincing and winning season.

Some confirmation from Season 34, demonstrating that Lakers can be competitive after losing key players. In Season 35 we have to find another leader in place of Grando at the helm of the offense. Replacing champions with champions has to become the rule for the next seasons.

Fans support is always with us, we feel their passion that pushes Lakers forward. We ask them patience when Lakers are trying to build a second era with the team's rearrangement.

Lakers, Season #35 should mean the final turning point. Keep high hopes and play as hard as you can.

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2019-04-07 16:28:55 - After sliding down, you always have to run uphillReport Abuse

Season #33
Admirals 1 League record : 12-4 good for the Division title.
Despite avoiding the Hell Division, winning the AC North one was a thriller anyway. The Packers are long hard rivals for the Lakers and did their best to reach the top.
Playoff schedule was a nightmare: Kids at the playoff, that qualified with a better record than ours and they won the direct match. Despite the past performances, Lakers came out big and won the battle. In the next round the Magpies crushed our dreams, winning by a single damn point.
The final judgement is that Lakers are still one of the playoff contenders in Admirals 1.

SuperCup : 13-2
In a competitive SC qualification round, the second place was another seasonal success.
Good victory in the first PO round against Walruses.
Outstanding performance passing through the Black Dragons in turn 2 with a convincing 47-24.
Confirmed great improvements taming the Styrian Bears 44-28. another Elite powerhouse in the third turn.
Lakers were stopped by Constanta Sailors that halted the run.

Champ of Champions : not qualified

No friendly cup trophy.

Still missing the trophy in MOTY mode.

Lakers players with seasonal individual titles:
Troy Tice received an award for category league LB, rank: 2
Ion Kachanov received an award for category league TE, rank: 3
Mijo Berger received an award for category league RB, rank: 3
Guerino Grando received an award for category league QB, rank: 3
Four key roles prizes that confirm a positive, even if not sensational, season.

Lakers gave demonstration that we are a well established franchise in Admirals. We still miss some sparks in key moments along the road, that negate to us the biggest results.

Many Elite players have retired at the end of season 33 and the team will have to overcome a significant drop in quality and experience, both in defense and offense lineups.

Youth Academy is producing future stars, but we need their best football immediately, or risking hard downfall.

4 Hall of Famers out of season 33:
Mijo Berger (HB)
Troy Tice (MLB)
Daevin West (DE)
Enzo Sperotto (K)
they all 4 are ranked #1 in many roles based player rankings if Bracciano history

Nevdzet Kadjievic will retire too. A great Lineman that gave a solid contribution to Offensive scrimmage plays.

Coaching staff has been confirmed after a convincing and winning season.

Lakers have to confirm the good numbers of Season 33, demonstrating that they can be competitive after losing 4 key players. We have to prove that we are able to bring forward the team replacing champions with champions.

As always, fans support is the most important fuel for a team. So we ask our people to be patient and stay with the team in the incoming periods of rearrangement.

Lakers, Season #34 and #35 are a drastic turn around. Keep morale high and overcome difficulties... we can do it and be back on track.

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2019-01-02 12:47:10 - ... Right Back Where We Started From (cit. Phantom Planet)Report Abuse

Season #32
RZA Elite League record : 6-10
We knew it would be hard and it was. Three top competitive Admirals teams were too much for the Lakers (0-6 divisional results says it all).
So we are back in the atmoosphere after dreaming about deep space.
Relegation without dishonor, we were 50% until some games from the end and we collected some exceptional result along the way.
16th overall team, means we are in the top half of the Elite league amd it means something after all.

SuperCup : 13-2
In a monstruous SC qualification round, the second place was a real success, obtained with a dramatic victory in the last round against powerhouse Styrian Bears... MOTY did it all.
We paid it with a weak performance in the playoff 1st round, being eliminated without mercy by Cougars.

Champ of Champions : 2 turns passed against RockFord Titans and 2nd Cjronicles. Munich Runners outrunned Lakers and stopped our advance. A good result to have gone so far, without any bot help.

No friendly cup trophy so far.

Still missing the trophy in MOTY mode.

No Lakers' players on the board for seasonal prizes, understandable in a mediocre season.
Correction: Pasquale Hasslebacher fained a significant 3rd rank in both League and Regional rankings

Lakers were outplayed in their Elite division in each and every direct match.
Despite the negative result, if we were hosted in some other division, we could be still in Elite and somehow in the playoff, in divisions where teams went dramatically KO during the season.

We have established a milestone. Season 32 will be our next reference point for seasons to come, a new record to beat.

Two very good players will retire and we were forced to release some good veteran.
Money are a factor and they are running downstream.
Youth Academy is still offering possible stars some chances to emerge. We will need them immediately.

Alfeo Gabrielli will enter the Hall of Fame among the retirees of this season. He marked outstanding numbers in Sacks and Tackles for Losses.
Veteran Milo Schweitzer decided to retire too. He played in Bracciano only a couple of seasons, but he left a tangible mark in the Line of Defence.

Ervin Janas Running Back coach has retired, the team is hardly looking for a viable replacement.
We want to wish a special goodbye to HC Nursaiyn "Ivan" Kirov. He is the smith that forged Lakers into an Elite Team. He chose to accept new challenges elsewhere and we hope he will find all successes he deserves.

Lakers are back into Admirals' 1.1 ... waiting to understand which division they will fall into.
In the "division of Hell" (our former house) a place is vacant, we will see if it will be a full return at home.
Competitivity of the Admirals teams is everywhere at the top, so no easy way to find another ticket to the Elite carousel.

Elite is the university of RZA. A competitive league with powerhouses and tremendous coaches that are eager to play the hardest football.
To stay on that stage Lakers will need a drastic step forward.

Fans should no feel delusion, since Lakers did their best and in some matches they gave sparkles of potential. We need all the possible support to run uphill again and have a well deserved second opportunity.
Lakers, Season #33 shall be our trampoline to try and bouncing back to the top.

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2018-10-27 07:24:21 - Elite ... there we come !!!Report Abuse

Season #31
League record : 11-5
sweating to the last game before hitting the second place in the AC West division and to secure the last playoff seed.
In the Wild Card PO game, an hard fought match vs "Deflated Egos" sent Lakers to Divisional Playoff.
Next round versus "AS Roma Wolves", an exceptional and unexpected victory projected the team to the Conference Championship.
On the wings of success, the positive streak against "Green Mark Packers" went on in the Championship match and the first 1.1 Bowl became reality.
The cold shower of a real Elite opponent "Yellowcakes" run down on our heads in the Bowl game. The Lakers came out with broken bones and reshaped expextations for the next Elite season.

SuperCup : 13-2
In a highly competitive SC qualification round, the second place was a real success.
First PO match against "Philadelphia Phoenix". A solid performance with a close victory.
In the second PO match we met the league rivals "Fort de France Gays", providing another convincing victory.
In the third round "Kalpana Wild Thangs" were unexpectedly wiped out by the best Lakers seen so far.
The PO race came to an end in the "Black Dragons" Elite powerhouse's nest. Together with the loss of the league Bowl this was another evidence of the level of opponents Lakers will face in the Elite run of next season.

Champ of Champions : Not qualified.

No friendly cup trophy

Slowing down in all-Stars Challenges, we are still missing the trophy in MOTY mode.

Despite the succesful season only one Lakers' players was awarded with seasonal prize:
Mijo Berger received award for League RB, rank: 1.
Being the third award in 3 consecutive seasons, Mijo is leaving a great mark in team's and Admirals' history.

Lakers are in Elite for their first season.
Since it is a new beginning, the mistake of considering it a destination mark would bring us back to Admirals 1.1 as fast as lightning.
Maximum concentration and will to suffer until the last match are the only ingredients useful for the next season.
Season 31 was a great success and a turning point in team long-term plans.
Despite some lack of will in too many games of the season, the final result is beyond any expectation, so we grateful celebrated a winning season, with our eyes on the 32nd season challenges.

Too many good players have retired, some youngsters have left the team in search of glory elsewhere.
Youth Academy produced another group of possible stars during this season. We need them as soon as possible to compensate for retired stars.

Tad Vickers will enter the Hall of Fame among the retirees of this season. He was the first real star playing for Lakers. The overall growth of the team is mainly due to his charming example and leadership.
Muzio Lunardo the Punter. He is the last veteran of the first season of the team. He lived all the road from the hell to the Elite. He will be the second Hall of Famer of this season.
Stephan Faison and Warren Held retired too. Both of them brought the team a long way to the top and they deserve Lakers' fans respect and gratitude.

No retired coaches this season.

Lakers are finally in the Elite Tournament.

We left the "division of Hell" in Admirals 1.1, we wish our former division rivals all the best. We will miss them all.

Another step up is requested to the Lakers franchise in every aspect of the game and beyond. Elite is a harsh and competitive league and 3 Admirals' sacre monsters are popoulating the division.
The rush to stay on the top stage will be tremendous and it will require a Lakers' season as we never did before.

Fans are excited and we will need every drop of their support to stay in the matches and nourish our hopes.
Lakers, Season #32 is the playground you were looking for, so keep your morale high and train like you never did. We must put our best on the field to stay among the stars !!!

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2018-07-21 15:11:08 - Cold Blood is for the ChampsReport Abuse

Season #30
League record : 9-7
enough to rank second in the AC West division and to secure the last playoff seed.
In the Wild Card PO game, the divisional rivals Comeback Kids outplayed us in the second half, ending Lakers season.

SuperCup : 14-1
Another succesfull run in the SC qualification round.
First PO match against an Elite team "Flying Ducktales". An unexpected, but convincing victory against a noble Elite powerhouse.
Second PO match against another Elite Italian team "Gladiators" and the most painful elimination in OverTime.

Champ of Champions : Not qualified.

2 friendly cup trophy:
Friendly Cup Appalachian Rumble Bowl IV
Friendly Cup IECC4 - Qualification 2

Persisting in all-Stars Challenges, we are still fighting for trophy in MOTY mode.

Another Season with Lakers' players awarded with seasonal prize:
Igor Marciano received award for League and Regional SF, rank: 1
Troy Tice received award for League LB, rank: 2
Ion Kachanov received award for League TE, rank: 2
Mijo Berger received award for League RB, rank: 2 and Regional RB rank: 3.
Other little signs that the team is on the right path, but still missing something.

Playoff apparitions in both competitions are always signs of a positive season, being out at the first League PO round sounds like a step backward. In Supercup two Elite teams in the first two rounds were a good progress with respect to the previous season.
What we lacked all season long was one of the main ingredients for the recipe of the Champions: cool blood in stressful situations.
Too many matches lost in the last minutes of the 4th quarter and all matches in OverTimes surrendered to the Sudden Death.
If a team wants to compete in the biggest stage must learn to find the victories in all situations, especially the most close and stressful ones.

Some good players will retire, some others will leave the team for technical decisions.
Youth Academy produced a group of possible stars during this season. It's to be seen if they can replace veterans with minimal downgrade of the team.
Kevin Overton will enter the Hall of Fame among the retirees of this season. He set up the new records for Offensive Lineman in his time at Lakers' field.
Others were excellent players that gave a strong contribution to the recent results, but no champion in the group.

We want to celebrate two retiring coaches:
Aquila Disolokai, LB legendary assistant. The first AC coach signed by Lakers in their history and a workaholic, training simultaneously dozens of players and youngsters.
Arnar Jon Runolffson "the Icelander warlock" the coach of WRs. Many young talents grew up under his leadership.

New coaches have high reference points to reach in the Lakers locker rooms. We wish them good job for the next seasons.

Lakers were not ready for the Elite Tournament. This was the sentence of the season.
Another Season in the division will mean another season of hard matches and games to watch. All three division rivals are strong teams and all teams ended the season with 50% or more of victories. All direct matches for Lakers ended up with 1-1 overall result. That's a big indicator of the equilibrium among contenders in the Division.
Lakers will have to raise their game levels if they think to try the route to Elite again. The level shown in season #30 was well below the needs.

Fans are with us despite all mistakes made and occasions lost. Lakers, prepare well for Season #31, they deserve bigger satisfactions !!!

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