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Joined the game: 2016-03-05 / S20

Manager rank is Top Manager

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League: Admirals 1 NC West

ELO score: 900 - Rank global: 112 - Rank in league: 15

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Team chemistry:
100 %
100 %
Physical condition:
95 %
Financial situation:
72.1 %
69.8 %
  Avg Age Seniors: 22.3
Pass Defense:
71.9 %
  Rush Defense:
71.9 %
  Weekly wages Players $ 1,363,140
Special Team:
65.2 %
70.6 %
  Weekly wages Coaches $ 1,426,228
Stadium: The Boarder-Linc (capacity: 144300)
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Season 31Member RZA Elite League
Season 30Conference Champion Admirals 1 NC
Season 30Winner Admirals 1 NC South
Season 29Winner Admirals 1 NC South
Season 26Conference Champion Admirals 2 NC
Season 26Winner Admirals 2 NC East
Season 25Winner Admirals 2 NC East
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Elite member in seasons: 31
Conference Champion in seasons: 26, 30
Division Champion in seasons: 25, 26, 29, 30
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2018-09-29 20:52:22 - Elite in the reviewmirror and roster rollover.Report Abuse

Season 31 is in the books. In season 30 we made it to Elite. Perhaps a season too early, but we play to win every game.

Elite is elite and the Borderliners only managed 4 wins all season. Not enough to keep us out of the bottom 8 (which was my goal) and far from enough to keep us in elite.

Salaries are skyrocketing and its time to let the young guys take over. That means a full roster makeover. All the old 55 will be sold, cut or retired and the YA guys + draft picks will see playing time in real games. Ill try to do the rollover as fast as possible, which will mean a huge drop in rating and experience. Im gonna struggle in Admirals 1.1.

Let the massacre begin.

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2018-05-29 13:18:17 - Season 30 and beyondReport Abuse

Ok, i guess its time for a new PR.

The plan is working. Finding 55 players and sticking with them, letting them develope and gain exp together has been proven the way to go (for me at least).

Starters and backups play close to even number of snaps, and close to all are at 3½* exp or more. A lot of games are being won by the depth of the team.

We went to the 2.1 bowl in season 26 and has managed to stay up since (avoiding the return of the Yoyo name). We even managed a playoff appearance in season 29, and could be on the way to another this season.

Most players have 2-4 seasons left, so if we are to play in elite, we need to get there soon.

Finances look fine and even if we end up in the red for the next couple of season, 355m is plenty to help rebuild the next roster. Also the YA is looking to add quite a few players, when the time comes.

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2016-09-25 11:07:25 - Season 22/23 rolloverReport Abuse

2nd full season back: Season rollover marks this point for the club. Good preperation has meant that for some time now, the club is developing on all cylindres; healthy economics, strong coaching staff, premium YA and full staff and facilities. The pieces are in place to run (progress) with the big boys.

1st trip to the playoffs: The season was a success, with a short trip to the postseason. Though a few hiccups along the way, we reached the goal of an 11-5 season, then a one and done wildcard round (as predicted). The supercup gave no surprises, as we lost to the big teams, and won the rest. But neither really matters as the eyes are further down the road.

The plan: The secound half of the season saw a lot of changes to the roster, as the ”season 26 and beyond” plan started to really take shape. All players of 25 or older were sold or released, to give room and playing time to the young. Now its the 19-23 yo who are the main (and almost only) focus.

The players: The squad is being led by my 6 draftpicks, who are all potential starters untill the decide to retire (hopefully) 10+ seasons down the road. The rest of the roster is made up by youthpulls and castoffs from the bigger teams, some are ready to play, others will need (a lot) of work. But as i work with a strict high int. and tw. policy, the future looks promising.

The goals: ...of season 23 are moderate. The rollover will show if the Zurich Sharks are replaced by a human or bot player (update: Its Badgers (strong human)). If bot, the division should be mine, if human ill hope for a weak schedule again. If not clear in the previous, the goals of season 23 are pretty small and basically irrelevant, as the goal is to compete for promotion in season 26. The supercup will always be a roll of the dice, but I play to win every game.

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