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ELO score: 835 - Rank global: 144 - Rank in league: 20

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Team chemistry:
81 %
99 %
Physical condition:
99 %
Financial situation:
72.2 %
72.0 %
  Avg Age Seniors: 23.5
Pass Defense:
74.2 %
  Rush Defense:
74.6 %
  Weekly wages Players $ 2,800,465
Special Team:
79.7 %
74.0 %
  Weekly wages Coaches $ 1,805,141
Stadium: Wölvgaard, Midgaard Stadium, Fenrír's Den (capacity: 144300)
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2019-06-11 19:26:26 - Season 34, Day 60-78; Player Profiles: Offensive LineReport Abuse

#74 Coffman OT
#63 Kennedy OC
#60 Totchermann OC/OG
#68 Islamkhan OG
#64 Fuentes OG
#66 Meehan OG/OC
#65 Littlejohn OT
#71 Gunther OG
#70 Pratt OT

#69 Diez OG
#62 Obata OG

Chad Coffman; 21yo, Iceland:
Young wonderkid prospect out of Iceland and recently broke the Longshipmen transfer record for highest fee paid; is incredibly strong and a highly committed athlete and has strong football intelligence. Fights hard in the trenches and battles on the line for every down; is developing well and gaining some experience and is looking to solidify his place in the first time with more age.

Daniel Kennedy; 21yo, Ireland:
Large-bodied team player who is highly intelligent; joined from German club PIT Steelers and began his career at fellow Hibernian club across the Irish Sea; Ireland. Has molded well into the team atmosphere and is the first Hibernian from mainland Ireland to join the club; primarily lines up at center and lead the line alongside team captain; Jamie Maher.

Danil Totchermann; 23yo, Gambia:
Young West African prospect found by our scouts; has been developing well physically and has a strong attitude and is highly professional in his play and lifestyle. Still is a little green in regards to his skill development and experience and will likely reach the peak of his career later than some Elite players but has a wonderful enthusiasm to succeed.

Oliver Fuentes; 23yo, Thailand:
Spanish player who was born and started playing football in Thailand; is slightly undersized in comparison to more top class lineman but is otherwise intelligent and is a good team player. Recently injured as well as placed on the transfer list by request; has played backup to the guard position and has been noted for his football experience and skill.

Roger Meehan; 23yo, Isle of Man:
Drafted last season and has been asserting himself as an important backup since the beginning of his rookie season. Is extremely intelligent and always puts out his best game; stands strong in the guard position and work hard to contribute on every play.

Russ Littlejohn; 21yo, Isle of Man:
Young draftee who has been playing football since his early youth; knows the game very well and is experienced on the pitch well beyond his years. Is a very strong player and plays tough in the run game; sometimes struggles with his discipline on the field but is very brave and has high aggression needed for opening lanes for running backs.

Sidney Gunther; 25yo, United Kingdoms:
Vice captain and integral part of the Longshipmen offense; is a natural leader and keeps the line tightly knit. Trained in Britain with now defunct club; Adventurers and spent some time playing in Germany; has been a valuable player serving with the Várangians for the Dougláss community and has become a strong personality on the Isle.

Sonny Pratt; 22yo, Isle of Man:
Has been a part of the Dougláss squad since its second season and joined at a very young age out of the draft; is a phenomenal pass blocking tackle who has great strength and plays well. Is very highly skilled and talented and has great experience due to playing the game for so long; is an important athlete in the Manx community and is proud to represent the Isle as an elite player.

Emilio Diez; 20yo, Argentina:
South American youth player who has been training with the Guard Academy for several seasons and has been a flourishing part of our youth setup. Still needs further development and reserve football before being capable of competing at first division level but is very young and will continue to work hard.

Nobu Obata; 20yo, Japan:
Joined fellow former teammate and East Asian player Mitsuo Yasutake; transferred to The Isle of Man during his rookie season after being drafted by Elite club; Yellowcakes. Has stepped in at guard for our academy squad and is projected as a valuable prospect for the future.

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2019-06-09 18:09:28 - Season 34 Squad AwardsReport Abuse

Fan's Favourite Club Player of the Season:
#76 Enrique Rodriguez; 26yo, 4th Season LB

Offensive Team MVP:
#5 Jamie Maher: 25yo, 4th Season QB

Defensive Team MVP:
#53 Jannik Pedersen: 24yo, 3rd Season LB

Team Best Newcomer Award:
#26 Safi Ibrahim; 23yo, 1st Season RB

First Team Club Youth MVP:
#15 Zack Rader; 21yo, 4th Season WR

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2019-06-06 19:05:44 - Season 34, Day 55/78; Player Profiles: Receiving CorpsReport Abuse

#19 Prasintharath
#10 Samsonescu
#12 Dukuze
#89 Puri
#86 Sherman
#81 Osborn
#15 Rader
#85 Sanford
#83 Mercier
#88 Oriol

#84 Smart
#1 Calvo
#13 Roden.

Chuthamani Prasintharath; 23yo, Bangladesh:
Tall, strong and intelligent possession receiver with a great ability to get up high and catch the ball. Capable open field player and is a young leader in the locker room; always gives 110% in every practice and on every down; very brave player who isn't afraid to get caught in traffic.

Ciprian Samsonescu; 23yo, Cyprus:
Deep threat receiver with great intelligence and phenomenal talent; skilled and young player with lots of potential. Does a great job of finding open space in the opponents secondary and can take it all the way with a few missed tackles.

Joseph Dukuze; 24yo, Ghana:
Has a wonderful attitude both on and off the field; highly intelligent athlete who is very skilled at breaking open defensive secondaries. Well experienced and fights for every yard; small stature but makes up for his lack of physical presence with his dynamic playmaking ability and intuition.

Rizwan Puri; 23yo, Ukraine:
Recently joined the Longshipmen apart of the practice squad and the staff here are eager to monitor his development and progress towards first team play. Fast and diminutive; is currently working to improve his overall strength; has strong experience for his age and is fairly skilled.

Sam Sherman; 20yo, Isle of Man:
Young Manx draft pick, primarily lines up in the tight end position; is a versatile and dynamic young player. Is close to reaching his physical peaks and is working to build skill development before vying for a position in our deep chart; definitely an experienced player for the future.

Winston Osborn; 28yo, England:
Youth product of Admirals 1 AC West squad; Melittlemenon Thepitchhitchin and played a few seasons for the DC Washingtonians; was transferred to Dougláss in the second year of the club's existence for $500k and has been an integral part of the team. Veteran player with a bounty of experience, is also an intelligent playmaker and shows incredible open field play; also fields returns as well as lining up at receiver.

Zack Rader; 21yo, Isle of Man:
Another product of the Guard Academy and has trained alongside fellow Manx; Paul McClain for several seasons. Has moderate physical presence and a great knack for the game of football; plays a highly effective slot receiver and is strong in the short passing game.

Ben Sanford; 21yo, Isle of Man:
Physically dominant receiving tight end; joined the Longshipmen from United States club Fairhaven Naughty Dawgs and spent several seasons training with the Guard. Is an outstanding team player and has great football knowledge, but is also highly capable of using his speed and size to make big plays. Is a nightmare for opposing defenders to catch and bring down and always has big play potential.

Léonard Mercier; 21yo, Bosnia & Herzegovina;
Very smart and highly intelligent young player; has moderate size and speed and great skill development. Shows plenty of potential and is looking to cement his squad importance with further training and progress.

Nicolau Oriol; 25yo, Iceland:
Has been an important part of the Longshipmen squad for several seasons now; is one of our older offensive players and is an important personality in the locker room. Well developed and dynamic receiver and blocker; great height and physical presence and is always highly determined to succeed.

Jamie Smart; 17yo, Isle of Man:
Sophomore player in the Season 37 Várangian Guard class and is a strong prospect for the future of our club. Shows astounding speed for his young age and is developing furtr with his physical ability; posesses a balanced attack minded skillet and plays with a great attitude; fairly intelligent in the open field. Is considering playing Wide Receiver, Safety or Cornerback, also Tight End and positions in those spots in Academy league play

Juan Andrés Calvo; 16yo, Spain:
Was recently added to the academy roster on a free agent transfer and spent his season training as a receiver with his former team. Is still very young and striding towards physical peaks and may move around you field and in different positions to find his most suitable spot in the squad.

Lesley Roden; 19yo, Isle of Man:
Versatile product of our youth academy; has spent several seasons training with the team and has been well noted by our youth coaches for his tactical ability. Has mostly trained as a wide receiver while with the Guard but has also lined up at safety; struggles to keep up pace with the faster players on the field but is otherwise highly experienced and intelligent.

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2019-05-29 18:25:26 - Season 34, Day 47/78; Player Profiles: RunningbacksReport Abuse

#42 Ginn
#44 Crenna
#37 McClain
#26 Ibrahim
#47 Gale

#24 Masters
#31 Hightower
#22 Sterling

Ernest Ginn; 22yo, Isle of Man:
Drafted last season and has been developing phenomenally and exceeding physical expectations; intelligent playmaker out of the backfield. Is currently in the process of training into the receiver position due to depth and to maximize his versatility to our attack.

Gasparo Crenna; 28yo, Vatican City:
Transferred to the Isle of Man after being drafted by Kolin Walruses but failed to find a consistent part of their squad. Very strong tailback who plays a hard hitting power run game; one of the most productive rushers in the Admirals 2 Season 33; talented and skillful athlete.

Paul McClain; 21yo, Isle of Man:
McClain is one of the first youth prospects to come out of the Guard Academy and is showing strong potential. Very athletic player and is capable of making defenders miss with his agile carrying, youthful but professional player who will develop into a premier runningback within the coming years.

Safi Ibrahim; 23yo, United States:
Recent transfer from the Skalica Eagles out of Slovakia; was an import playing for their squad and was spotted for his explosive speed and durable strength. Is currently developing to maximize his athletic ability and will become a star tailback in the peak of his career.

Melvin Gale; 27yo, England:
Former member of Elite club BobBoy Magpies, had originally played in the runningback position before moving to become the anchor in our fullback position. Explosive player with great talent and development; versatile playmaker who creates opportunities for the offense in multiple facets of our attack.

Rex Masters; 17yo, Isle of Man:
Strong youth player who has been training with the Academy squad for over a season now; has been showing phenomenal progress and great potential.

Jonathan Hightower; 20yo, Isle of Man:
Another player from English giant; BobBoy Magpies, had returned to Mannin and has been training with the Guard for several seasons now. Is a skilled pass blocker and has been developing with the intent to backup fellow former Magpie, Melvin Gale.

Michael Sterling; 20yo, Isle of Man:
Transfer from British Elite club, Leeds Celtic recently just this season; had wanted to return to his home country after training for several years in Britain. Has become a star player of the Várangian Guard and is preparing to fight for a senior position in the Longshipmen squad. Highly physical player with a lot of experience on the training pitch and football field; shows great effort on the field between the tackles.

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2019-05-22 22:21:32 - Season 34, Day 40/78; Player Profiles: QuarterbackReport Abuse

#5 Maher
#8 Roderick
#17 Reithoffer

#6 Tipton
#11 Yasutake

Jamie Maher, 25yo, Isle of Man:
Offensive team captain and leader of the Longshipmen attack, Maher is a talented and versatile player. Is very comfortable dropping back into the pocket and delivering pinpoint passes and throws a tight spiral; also is capable of taking off and making defenders miss; highly intelligent team player who is clinical at picking apart opposing secondaries.

Jamie Roderick, 23yo, Philippines:
Young player who has been training with the squad for a few seasons now; shows high potential and a bright future. Very strong and speedy player who is also a highly clinical passer and shows great poise delivering accurate throws efficiently.

Johan Reithoffer; 23yo, Kiribati:
Another young athlete with great potential, has strong experience playing under center and shows explosive speed while on the run. Currently developing to improve his versatility outside of the pocket and has a good arm; will improve his accuracy with further training.

Avery Tipton, 18yo; Isle of Man:
Tipton is one of our up and coming young players out of the Guard Academy here on Mannin; formerly training with Elite club PR Chaser from the United States, Avery returned to Dougláss this past season and has become an integral part of our youth setup.

Mitsuo Yasutake; 18yo, Japan:
Yasutake came to the Isle of Man from Elite club Yellowcakes after failing to find a spot within their academy squad; sharing snaps with Manx native Tipton, Mitsuo has a bright future ahead of him with the Váragian Guard Academy and eventually the Longshipmen squad. Yasutake is a highly intelligent player and has a strong bullet throw who has been showing phenomenal improvements over the last season.

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