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2019-08-23 02:38:13 - Postmatch; Testimonial to Melvin Gale: Torchwood Aliens 24-30 Dougláss LongshipmenReport Abuse

This past day was a landmark for the Isle of Man club as our team had fought hard, produced a fourth quarter comeback-from-behind tie by match MVP, Melvin Gale, to then claim victory with a touchdown after 4 possessions in OT.

Gale came to the club from English Elite giants; BobBoy Magpies at a fee of $500k along with former Longshipmen TE Curtis Frost at the tail end of Season 31. Melvin had originally been playing in the FB position before moving to FB; had been an anchor in the Dougláss run game starting most snaps at FB whilst also returning kicks and also being clubs exclusive FB for sometime. Towards the end of his career with the club he had begun playing again in the RB position.

Yesterday's match was a testimonial to his career with our program and he had taken 6 snaps on ST as a KR and 75 on offense as our starting RB accumulating 5yds AVG on 21car for two TD as well as a catch. The game was on shaking grounds during our last possession in regulated time when tied; Gale had fumbled within fieldgoal range sending the match into extratime.

The Aliens had received possession first in OT play deep in their own territory, strong Guard run defense had shutdown their gameplan in response though and had forced two three-and-outs after coughing up our first possession in OT after three downs.

The Longshipmen had then taken the ball 61yds on 9 plays with fellow Englishmen Winston Osborn catching the matches game-winning TD capping a marvelous squad performance as the team's first victory against a +1,000 ELO and former Elite club.

Prematch celebrations were had in honour of the legacy that Gale has had for the club and had continued post-game through the streets of Dougláss and nearby Peel where Gale has established residency; also across the whole Isle in unity of the triumphant Longshipmen victory. Tourism rates on Mannin have skyrocketed since the establishment of our program here and many fans will opt to stay weeks at a time (they only need accomodations for travel as currency has been obsoleted and no longer needed on The Isle) to catch several matches as well as watching reserve and youth squad play and open training. Loud music, fireworks, large animals, and racous behaviors due to large amounts of alcohol consumption wwe continued well into the night and many local employers have scheduled later opening times and are bracing for workplace tardiness in preparation for the upcoming shifts come Friendly Friday.

Gale is currently on the Bid market and is arranged pending to Hungary at a fee of $1.2mil; although not all is confirmed and activity may erupt at any given moment.
We as a football progtam are proud of Gale's achievements and contributions to our football program and community and wish him success with further endeavours in his footballing career.


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2019-07-21 00:00:22 - To The Gods! GO GUARD! FOR MANNIN! FOR DOUGLÁSS!Report Abuse

Just wanted to make a brief post to look back at the history of our club and the bright future ahead for our current and incumbent squad. Also as part of this press release I will talk or current club status and aspirations for our competitive future in the Admirals 1 league.

Yhe Manx club was formed in season 29 as Scandinavian businessmen had made arrangements with other British countries excluding the Mother herself to unite The Isle and sustain it's independence as a nation-state. As part of this socio-polical and economic takeover as well as the sharing of Norse and Celtic values within the British community; vast change and revolution against the Empire was formed and Welsh, Irish, and Scottish people's have united for the cause of the Manx.

With this new age has come ambitions for an elite tpp-class competitive athletic football program and many international and Manx players have sponsored the growth of our football community. Several talented young players with ties to Mannin have returned from other countries especially in the British Isles to continue their careers and further extend the glory of Manx football.

The club was originally formed as the Suðr-eyjar Beserkers representing Norse claims on the South Isles and was established in the Viking fortified port of Dougláss. After some time and cultural appropriation the community had decided to unite as an Isle instead of a Monarchy and had adopted the title of the Sea-Wölves and their legacy still stands to this day in our stadium; Wölvgaard.

As the club furthered it's ambitions the Manx community had decided that it is best the team represent the capital city in which it was formed while furthering the efforts of the Manx national squad in the process. As part of this new transition as a team in it's representation, there was much backlash from the British Empire and others whom wish to disestablish the new and enlightened society we have been actualizing within the Manx community; primarily in regards to the club and communities practice of resource management based on availability as opposed to value.

With this the club had been given the name of the Várangian Guard or Dougláss Várangians and had begun phasing into the organization of a highly professional footballing community. The Guard name still stands to this day and is represented by our youth squads and our senior squad as well as the Dougláss community has taken on the banner of the Longshipmen while continuing to stick to their roots of being savage, sea-rading, werewölven beserkers and perform a deft, methodical athletic display.

As part of our community we have also encouraged cultural growth and enrichment and have further seeked our roots as a society in the integration of magic into our gameplay and professional atmosphere in the team first beginning with blood offeriings from players joining the squad. We have also brought the use of the ancient magic metal mithril into our clubs pitch as well as uniforms and have used other precious resources such as gold, silver, amber, and uniforms enhanced with ash and charcoal. As well as integrating spiritual elements we have also made vast technological advancements within the club environment as well as on Mannin itself using fully automated artificially intelligent lifeforms to accomplish tasks requiring manpower as well as assisting other humans in completing their tasks, teleporters are regularly used locally as well as in transit to other areas of the world through treaty and Lpngshipmen fans abroad, we have begun using clean and entirely sustainable resources as well and the incidental death rates have tremendously decreaed as well as community contentment exceedingly raising as our new society shakes the fabric of the capitalistic culture we had once known.

In summary of our history as a club we look on further to the ambitions of the team as part of and in regards to the footballing community and seek wealth and prosperity for the game and sport. As we continue on our path we are eternally grateful to the devoted followers and members or the club, we also praise the Æsir and Vanir as well as the Sidhe elders whom allow passage and community within Hibernia and beyond; we also praise The Allfather for his wisdoms and guidance for the board members, coaching staff, and players of the team;

May your roots be finely woven, May your roots be tightly wound.

We also praise the Sea God Njörðr for his protection as well as his children of wife Skaði; Freyja and Freyr as well as Manannan-beg-mac-y-Lheirr;

"Manannan beg va Mac y Leirr / Shen yn chied er ec row rieau ee; / Agh myr share oddym's cur-my-ner, / Cha row eh hene agh An-chreestee."

The trio of these gods in unity with the Celtic and Norse people's as well as many others around the globe have blessed the club and community and have united for the glory of the Manx destiny and legacy.


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2019-06-30 15:56:53 - Season 35 Squad CaptainsReport Abuse

#5 Jamie Maher, QB (Captain)
#71 Sidney Gunther, OL (Vice Captain)
#88 Nicolau Oriol, TE (Backup)
#81 Winston Osborn, WR (Backup)

#99 Allaisdair Nesbitt, DT (Captain)
#45 Donnie Haig, DT (Vice Captain)
#75 Thibault Boulanger, DT (Backup)
#30 Leandro Rivera, FS (Backup)

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2019-06-18 01:55:31 - Announcement of new defensive Team Captain; #99 Alaisdair NesbittReport Abuse

Just recently transfered in at a $1mil price from the Serbian giant, Dumbarajko Elephants and is a youth talent from Inbhir Narann Academy. Nesbitt has played several seasons at Elite and top level clubs and has been welcomed to Dougláss as a top tier player. Former teammate and current standing Captain #45 Donnie Haig has agreed to a demotion to Vice Captain in the absence of former VC Hugh Woodworth in order to allow fellow Scotsmen Alaisdair to step in to lead the defense of our club in the prime of his career.

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2019-06-11 19:26:26 - Season 34, Day 60-78; Player Profiles: Offensive LineReport Abuse

#74 Coffman OT
#63 Kennedy OC
#60 Totchermann OC/OG
#68 Islamkhan OG
#64 Fuentes OG
#66 Meehan OG/OC
#65 Littlejohn OT
#71 Gunther OG
#70 Pratt OT

#69 Diez OG
#62 Obata OG

Chad Coffman; 21yo, Iceland:
Young wonderkid prospect out of Iceland and recently broke the Longshipmen transfer record for highest fee paid; is incredibly strong and a highly committed athlete and has strong football intelligence. Fights hard in the trenches and battles on the line for every down; is developing well and gaining some experience and is looking to solidify his place in the first time with more age.

Daniel Kennedy; 21yo, Ireland:
Large-bodied team player who is highly intelligent; joined from German club PIT Steelers and began his career at fellow Hibernian club across the Irish Sea; Ireland. Has molded well into the team atmosphere and is the first Hibernian from mainland Ireland to join the club; primarily lines up at center and lead the line alongside team captain; Jamie Maher.

Danil Totchermann; 23yo, Gambia:
Young West African prospect found by our scouts; has been developing well physically and has a strong attitude and is highly professional in his play and lifestyle. Still is a little green in regards to his skill development and experience and will likely reach the peak of his career later than some Elite players but has a wonderful enthusiasm to succeed.

Oliver Fuentes; 23yo, Thailand:
Spanish player who was born and started playing football in Thailand; is slightly undersized in comparison to more top class lineman but is otherwise intelligent and is a good team player. Recently injured as well as placed on the transfer list by request; has played backup to the guard position and has been noted for his football experience and skill.

Roger Meehan; 23yo, Isle of Man:
Drafted last season and has been asserting himself as an important backup since the beginning of his rookie season. Is extremely intelligent and always puts out his best game; stands strong in the guard position and work hard to contribute on every play.

Russ Littlejohn; 21yo, Isle of Man:
Young draftee who has been playing football since his early youth; knows the game very well and is experienced on the pitch well beyond his years. Is a very strong player and plays tough in the run game; sometimes struggles with his discipline on the field but is very brave and has high aggression needed for opening lanes for running backs.

Sidney Gunther; 25yo, United Kingdoms:
Vice captain and integral part of the Longshipmen offense; is a natural leader and keeps the line tightly knit. Trained in Britain with now defunct club; Adventurers and spent some time playing in Germany; has been a valuable player serving with the Várangians for the Dougláss community and has become a strong personality on the Isle.

Sonny Pratt; 22yo, Isle of Man:
Has been a part of the Dougláss squad since its second season and joined at a very young age out of the draft; is a phenomenal pass blocking tackle who has great strength and plays well. Is very highly skilled and talented and has great experience due to playing the game for so long; is an important athlete in the Manx community and is proud to represent the Isle as an elite player.

Emilio Diez; 20yo, Argentina:
South American youth player who has been training with the Guard Academy for several seasons and has been a flourishing part of our youth setup. Still needs further development and reserve football before being capable of competing at first division level but is very young and will continue to work hard.

Nobu Obata; 20yo, Japan:
Joined fellow former teammate and East Asian player Mitsuo Yasutake; transferred to The Isle of Man during his rookie season after being drafted by Elite club; Yellowcakes. Has stepped in at guard for our academy squad and is projected as a valuable prospect for the future.

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