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ELO score: 793 - Rank global: 175 - Rank in league: 29

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Team chemistry:
86 %
99 %
Physical condition:
99 %
Financial situation:
69.9 %
72.8 %
  Avg Age Seniors: 24.2
Pass Defense:
75.1 %
  Rush Defense:
73.7 %
  Weekly wages Players $ 3,004,671
Special Team:
79.6 %
73.6 %
  Weekly wages Coaches $ 1,805,141
Stadium: Wölvgaard, Midgaard Stadium, Fenrír's Den (capacity: 144300)
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2019-03-23 20:50:19 - Season 33 Squad AwardsReport Abuse

Fan's Favourite Club Player of the Season:
#5 Jamie Maher, 24yo 3rd Season QB

Offensive Team MVP:
#81 Winston Osborn, 27yo 3rd Season WR

Defensive Team MVP:
#76 Enrique Rodriguez, 25yo 3rd Season LB

Team Best Newcomer Award:
#44 Gasparo Crenna, 27yo 1st Season RB

First Team Club Youth MVP:
#90 Roman Keaton, 23yo 2nd Season DL

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2019-01-19 17:36:44 - Captaincy u p d a t e for Season 33Report Abuse

With news of Season 32 Team MVP and offensive Captain #11 Carlos Layman on the transferlist and currently in contention and will be leaving our club shortly after bidding finishes. With this news approaching and the preseason ending we are moving forward towards the upcoming season with eager anticipation. We as an organization are thankful for Carlos' contributions to the squad and are glad that he will be able to continue his career elsewhere.

QB #5 Jamie Maher, a Manx countryman, will be taking over the helm and lead role as offensive team captain with #84 Curtis Frost retaining his co-captain status. #5 Andre Eisler will be wearing the armband when in substitution but will spend most of the season on the sidelines behind starting Maher. Finally, #75 Alfred Conrad who is new to the club this season will be standing in as our second backup captain and will also lead the offensive line on the field and keep our front 5 working as a group.

On the defensive side of the football there is no changes to the captaincy positions with #41 Wolfram Ustinov and #54 Tsotne Endeladze being co-captains. #45 Donnie Haig and #35 Benedikt Krämer will both take captaincy behind our co-captains and all together will hold our formidable defensive unit strong.

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2018-12-23 14:59:31 - Season 32 Squad Number Registration for Post-Season FootballReport Abuse

#1 Raffaele Tajani, 21yo RB/FB/KR, Italy/Mexico
#3 Ulan Pirimov, 32yo CB, Kyrgistan
#4 Roberto Skowroński, 26yo K, Mauritius
#5 Jamie Maher, 23yo QB, Isle of Man
#6 Unnar Örn Ragnarsson, 21yo QB, Iceland
#7 Gösta Pettersson, 21yo LB, Sweden
#8 Gytis Leskevicius, 25yo WR, St. Kitts & Nevis/Isle of Man
#9 Russ Matteson, 22yo P, Isle of Man/United Kingdoms
#10 Ciprian Samsonescu, 21yo WR, Cyprus
#11 Carlos Layman, 21yo QB, United States
#14 Domenic Rosen(YA), 17yo WR/TE, Isle of Man
#15 Zack Rader (YA), 19yo WR/RB, Isle of Man/Iceland/Faroe Islands
#17 Théophile Collin, 25yo WR/TE, Bahamas
#18 Grgur Andoić(YA), 17yo K/P, Croatia
#19 Chuthamani Prasitharath, 21yo WR, Bangladesh
#20 Domenic Gaffney, 22yo CB/SF/LB, Isle of Man
#21 Carroll Mcmaster, 24yo CB/SF, United States
#22 Rachia Tarunian, 21yo FB/RB/KR, Malaysia
#23 Cenek Otáhal(YA), 20yo FB/RB, Czech Republic
#25 Lisaniasi Manuca, 25yo RB/FB/KR, Serbia/Isle of Man
#26 Yusuf Bos, 23yo RB/FB/KR, Wales
#27 Eric Vasques (YA), 20yo RB/WR, Brazil/Spain/Argentina
#28, Eckhart Dietrich(YA), 18yo FB/RB, Germany
#29 Jannik Pedersen; 22yo RB/SF, Denmark
#30 Leandro Rivera, 21yo DL, Spain
#31 Percy Taylor (YA), 18yo FB/RB, England
#32 Shubam Bhat, 21yo RB/FB/KR, Bangladesh
#33 Pascual Gallardo, 23yo CB/SF, Guatemala
#34 Mark Perales (YA), 18yo K/P, United States
#35 Benedikt Krämer, 29yo CB/SF, Germany
#37 Paul McLain (YA), 19yo RB/FB/KR, Isle of Man/Scotland
#38 Sabri Rahman, 22yo FB/RB/KR, The Netherlands/Egypt
#39 Eddy Brooks, 23yo CB/SF, Isle of Man/England
#41 Wolfram Ustinov, 27yo CB/SF, Ghana
#42 Tony Mullens, 31yo FB, England
#43 Krešimir Vučinić, (YA) 18yo TE/FB, Croatia
#45 Donnie Haig, 26yo DL/LB, Scotland
#46 Dominick Mullin; 21yo LB/CB/SF, Isle of Man/Wales
#47 Melvin Gale, 25yo RB/FB/KR, England
#48 Dinko Bagarić, 22 DL/LB, Tonga
#49 Harlan Quintana, 30yo CB/SF, United States
#51 Dmitry Janković, 22yo CB/LB, Mozambique/Russia
#52 Tomas Nagle, (YA) 19yo LB, United States
#54 Tsotne Endeladze, 33yo DL, Switzerland
#56 Simón León, 25yo LB/SF, Puerto Rico
#57 Johnny Cesar, 29yo LB/SF, Seychelles
#58 Andre Eisler(YA), 20yo SF/LB/QB, Austria
#59 Hólmsteinn Nalepa, 22yo LB, Germany/Sweden/Nigeria
#61 Alfredo Chatman (YA), 16yo OL/DL, United States
#62 Alan Rodrigues (YA), 17yo OL/DL, Brazil
#64 Oliver Fuentes, 21yo OL, Thailand/Spain
#65 Frances Leblanc, 24yo OL, Canada
#66 Rene Köhler, 22yo OL/FB, Germany
#67 Miroslav Horvát, 22yo OL, Poland
#68 Lutfulla Islamkhan, 23yo OL, DPR Congo
#69 Emilio Díez, (YA) 18yo OL/DL, Argentina
#70 Sonny Pratt, 20yo OL, Isle of Man
#71 Sidney Gunther, 23yo OL, United Kingdoms
#72 Simon Kaas, 23yo OL, Denmark
#74 Trenton Webb, 23yo OL, Benin
#75 Alfred Conrad, 24yo OL, Switzerland
#76 Enrique Rodríguez, 24yo LB/SF, Morocco/Spain
#77 Zinoviy Zinchenko, 24yo OL, Ukraine
#78 Clark Lassiter (YA), 19yo OL, Isle of Man/Guernsey
#81 Winston Osborn, 26yo WR/TE, England
#82 Lesley Roden (YA), 17yo WR/TE, Isle of Man/England/Wales
#83 Ahmad Sommer, 30yo TE, Turkey/Germany
#84 Curtis Frost, 26yo WR/TE, England
#85 Avery Harris (YA), 19yo TE/WR, United States
#87 Svatoslav Karpíšek, 23yo WR/TE, Czech Republic
#88 Nicolau Oriol, 23yo TE/WR, Iceland
#89 Owen Kelsey, 21yo TE/WR, Isle of Man
#90 Roman Keaton, 22yo DL, Isle of Man
#91 Darron Pennington (YA), 17yo DL, Isle of Man/Scotland
#92 Chase Lyon, 28yo DL, United States
#93 Thibault Boulanger, 25yo LB/DL, Tunisia/France
#95 Ki-Hun Hyeon, 31yo DL, Grenada
#96 Erawan Lui, 20yo DL, Turkmenistan
#99 Philipp König, 26yo DL, Austria

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2018-12-18 21:36:34 - After Much Dispute........Report Abuse

The Longshipmen squad will represent our club at the senior level while the Várangian Guard will represent our academy as well as our youth league teams.

We are grateful and thankful for the support our club has received and are ambitious heading into our post-season play in both the MediaCenter Admirals 2.2 League and the Suoercup Trophy. The players have been training hard and are eager to bring back silverware for our franchise in part with the great season we have been having.

May all the best competition be played and for the glory of our club and the Manx community;

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2018-12-17 22:15:23 - Squad Honours for current Season 32 heading into PlayoffsReport Abuse

The post-season is coming near and we are glad for the outstanding season the club and our football team have been having. With much hard work comes great rewards, there were some stumbles and upsets along the way but we are glad for great team atmosphere (literally too as we've completely ridded our streets of petrol cars and no longer use fossil fuels as hemp based oil now fuels our automatic driving vehicles; also entirely made out of hemp) in our locker room and are eager for post-season play and are hoping to bring back loot to The Isle as part of building our great franchise.

In parts with our player award's ceremony we are also announcing a new uniform sponsor heading into Season 33 as Automatic Driving Hemp Car Company (ADHCC) and their affiliates have taken the role of providing our kits and further sponsoring our football club as a whole. We are thankful for their contributions to our planet and community in producing affordable transportation for all of Mannin that empowers the whole island to a new height of living. ADHCC stands with The Guard and our recently re-branded club as the Longshipmen further push on to glory for The Isle of Man and are glad for our athletes who work hard every day on and off the field.

Fan's Favourite Club Player of the Season:
#81 Winston Osborn, 26yo 2nd year WR
1054 plays, 29 games played
113 teceptions, 1620 receiving yards, 21rec TDs, 969yac

Offensive Team MVP:
#11 Carlos Layman, 21yo 3rd year QB
1655 plays, 29 games played
7,611 paaaing yards, 88/10 TD/INT ratio
#17 Theophile Collin, honourable mention

Defensive Team MVP:
#99 Philipp König, 26yo First year DL
1117 plays, 29 games played,
43TFL, 5 sacks, 5 forced fumbles, 4 fumbles recovered
#49 Harlan Quintana, honourable mention
#41 Wolfram Ustinov, honourable mention

Team Best Newcomer Award:
#42 Tony Mullen, 31yo First year FB (Final season, retiring)
933 plays, 17 games played,
160 carries, 976 rushing yards, 37 tackles broken
#17 Theophile Collin; honourable mention,
124 receptions, 2062 receiving yards, 27rec TDS, 1411yac

First Team Club Youth MVP:
#70 Sonny Pratt, 20yo 2nd year OL
29 games played, 1357 plays,
627/468 block/pancakes
#32 Shubam Bhat; honourable mention

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