2013-09-04 19:59

While other leaders think about "playing" war or how to cheat their people during the next election, we used the time and created something really useful!

You might remember last week, when we had a poll running about the future of our Transfer market...there was a majority of users voting for a change of the system.

The first announcement was about weeks until it is ready, but thanks to some Guinness we finished the whole thing within days instead weeks.

Here it is, our brand new bid agent...

How does it work? Easy, just put in your maximum bid for a player. The engine will then raise the current active bid until 1 out of 2 things happens...Might be, another manager entered a higher maximum bid? In this case the engine will raise his bid to the maximum of your bid, but he still has the highest bid! Could be, your maximum bid is higher than the current maximum bid? In this case the engine is overbidding the current maximum bid, and you are the new highest bidder...We guess you got it already. What happens if a manager adds a maximum bid exactly equal to the current maximum bid? The older bid wins in this case! The whole thing is written in a way you do not need to reload the player page again and again, the page reloads itself in the background keep the server happy and don't reload :)

We will change the manual soon, patience please! You might find bugs...yes, this could be very well. In this case, just tell us about in the Bugs forum.

Another small change is about the situation where you put a player on the market, and having contract negotiate with him already. Now it happens that no one is placing a bid, and the player returns to your team...In the past you had a new chance to renegotiate the contractual conditions - not anymore. This bug was solved. At the same time it was our intention to give these returning players a Team Chemistry hit, but somehow this Hit was not applied correctly...from now one it works as it should.

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