2013-09-29 15:16

You might have noticed already: players from computer-controlled teams don't receive trophies anymore.

Another, more important change to deal with lopsided tactics on the Offense:

The main problem is, that there is no possible measuring of the fact if a manager is playing match-settings only because of easy exploits, or because of being lazy/busy. On the other hand those teams having a playbook should have a small advantage, because of thinking more about the games tactics. However, each manager is starting with having a playbook, what means he/she has to delete/deactivate it for having no playbook active during games. This causes the conclusion that teams utilizing non-lopsided playbooks for their offense should be more "powerful".

By saying this, we will introduce kind of a "penalty" for teams having no or only a lopsided playbook for their offense. These are the possible stages of that penalty:

Having a playbook, no lopsided tactics in here based on formations used: no reducing of skills

Having a playbook, showing signs for lopsided tactics: reducing the O-teams power by a very very small amount

Having a playbook, showing strong signs for lopsided tactics: reducing the O-teams power by a very small amount

No playbook: reduce the overall "power" of the O-team by a small amount if formations and/or directions per down are set

We are using descriptors like small or very small here, since it makes no sense to reveal the percentages behind. But to give you an idea what we are talking about: playing with bad Team chemistry or low Physical condition will harm your teams power much more than this "playbook penalty"...

The engine is called 3.41 now, and is active for all gametypes. The engine carries some more changes - we spent some time on solving other bugs we found during our investigations.

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