2014-02-08 11:25

Hi all, was facing a few changes the last days, and we would like to introduce them to you.

1.) Scrimmages / Manager License

The Manager License was enhanced by the task "Scrimmages". We think playing Scrimmages will give the new manager an idea how things like Playbooks, Depth Charts and Game-settings are interfering with each other. Therefore, 10 Scrimmages are free to play. This applies also for already licensed Managers. Until you finish this new task, your Manager rank will drop to "Bloody Noob", this solves itself once you finished the License again.

2.) Showing Talent-capped skill-warnings

As you know already some skills are limited by the players Talent. Now we show you the yellow (will cap soon) and red (capped already) markers in the Player Details, the small skill-popup in the Player list, Training page, the Depth Chart and the downloadable CSV/XLS/PDFs (except the Draft-page), and Scout reports. In short: if you know the talent, you will see the Cap-markers.

Enjoy the gameplay.

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