2014-03-29 21:18

Hi all,

a few weeks ago we asked you for sending us your pictures, showing something related to American Football.

6 Managers were keen enough to send their pictures, you could have a review here:

We asked you to vote on these pictures, and we have winners now...

The 3 months Supporter goes to: Hunter550

25 Credits go to Milehigh47

50 Credits go to andrew2scott2

And the winner is:

the ram

the ram, winner of RZA 2014 PictureContest

100 Credits go to him.


Since we are in good mood today, we ran another lottery...and are proud to award a 3 months Supporter Account to: ta-da....twelch34tyler

Again, Congrats to all winners, and thanks a lot for sharing the pictures with us! We will repeat this some time in the future again.

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