2014-05-29 14:06

Hi all,

While others struggle to consume alcohol in a proper way, I spent some time on this rainy bank holiday, and added some tweaks to the game engine...

On Scrimmage games, you will see some more text in the play by play. We added information to describe a bit better, why passes go incomplete, if interceptions "nearly" happen, what was done to the Defensive Line during the blocking...such things. We will enhance this during the next weeks. What's the goal? We think, it will give our managers a few more hints what they could do to enhance the abilities of their material on field - just to improve the game-play.

For Friendly game and Scrimmages the game engine will show a new version number. The background of this new version is simple: we improved the medium and deep pass-play a bit. But stay away from passing deep all game long, won't work!

Another improvement is just visual: on the general game-stats you will see the starting Offensive/Defensive players each team sent to the "pitch"...

At the same time we would like to remember you: there is a campaign ongoing for some advertising, with Credits waiting to payed back to the community. All you would have to do: spread the word. Find the rules in the post here: Click. Would be a shame if we cannot push the "Pay"-button...



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