2015-01-09 20:52

Hi guys,

Yes, Politicians make it worse, every single time...

What happened: The EU has changed the rules for VAT payments. Usually we paid the TAX in Germany, because we, our business, is located here. But the EU thought why not changing the regulation so the company has to pay the VAT in the country where the buyer is from? Yes, no joke.

What is the result: when purchasing things like a 12 months Supporter or some Credits the Shopping cart will ask you for your origin. The shopping cart then will calculate the pricing based on the VAT in your home country. Good one if you are from Luxembourg, bad if you are from Denmark, as example.

Why shouldn't I go for the cheapest option, I am from Luxembourg, deep in my heart: If you do so, you would violate tax rules, with all consequences.

I am no EU citizen: Great, please use "Germany" as your home country, the German tax applies in this case.

Sorry for any confusion this might cause, but this was for sure not our idea...if there are any questions, please let us know.

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