2015-09-27 13:54

Today, we had to take action.

We caught two users for cheating, for abusing a malfunction in the Sign a Free Agent functionality.

User A was contacted, and cooperated by sending us details about the exploit used. We accepted his excuse. We fined his team for the advantage he took.

User B was contacted as well, and has chosen not to cooperate, but talking about not doing anything wrong. We have a completely different view on that. He was taking advantage over ALL other users of our small universe. He was asked to chose between getting fined for the advantage taken, and proceed in playing the game, or between getting kicked from the game. His choice was not to cooperate.

His last "offer": "If you send me any fine, I will leave the game for sure.
It is such a pity, because I liked the game and I would have been a longstanding supporter.
I have been a good forum user, have never bragged about anything, have given the game a lot of "Best" votes in onlinesportmanagers and have talked good about the game with my friends. But there you go, it's your call. "

If he would have liked the game, he would have chosen a path to success without cheating in many dozen cases. If he was a supporter, he would have played the game as it was offered. If he would be good to the community, he would have provided competition without unfair tactics. If he would have had a sense of fairness, he would not call for creating bad reputation because of he was doing something really wrong. So yes, it was our call. Challenge accepted!

Me personally thinks, after all these calls the only way to go on was kicking the user. So we locked the account of him, removed all tactics from future games, and send most of his players to the transfermarket again. We even sent back the money we received from him for "supporting" RZA - I really dislike getting money from such individuals.

Most of all: we are sorry to the managers playing in the same group of RZA Elite League. But we felt it would be wrong to correct the results backwards. So a bot team will be there in Elite for the upcoming season. This is the most annyoing thing: other managers are having a bad season because of the cheater...I am really sorry for this. If there are ideas how to solve this special situation, please tell!

Now, we hope RZA can continue in being a nice place. Enjoy the game!

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