2016-03-23 22:16

It was last Sunday when I received a message: "I was thinking it would fun if I were to interrogate (Interview) a team owner every week (or month)."

Yep, the idea is not really new, we know such interviews from other games. And it was fun, always. You get some more private comments from rivals, you get an idea what they focus on. This was they reason I didn't need to think about it for long, and gave punch drunk a go. He started asking the community who would like to take seat and answer some questions. And the community responded - as expected by me - with a "me, and me, and me too". Because this is what is about: community.

The first 3 volumes are up for reading, you can find them here in our forum.

One of the managers is a veteran, you all know wiesengrund. Then there is an interview with a manager called luko1717, he joined the game a few weeks ago. The third guy is open for getting bribed with Guinness, and his Yoda avatar is well known at the forums for telling mostly things like "QBs need no punting"...yes, it is about Pete (me).

A cheers to punch drunk for doing this. May it last long, may we read many interesting interviews in the future. Thanks!

Enjoy reading!

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