2016-07-07 11:52

Do you remember? When 2016 was very young, we offered you to take part in a challenge, playing 63 other teams for winning a trophy, a real trophy - no virtual one.

Half a year later, we face the final game, the final decision of this cup. Coming wednesday, July 13th, Scotlands Inbhir Narann, ran by manager Bovakian, will host their opponent from USA, NOtown ~MYST1CS~ ran by manager JohnnyAce.

Both teams made quite a journey until they entered the final, the ONE game for the trophy. JohnnyAce was able to upset Solana_Steve and his San Diego Blitzkrieg by 36:10 at San Diego, while Bovakians team delivered a clear win over Utrecht, ran by Erecura. This 44:10 win at home wasn't expected to be that high as well.

So, this unique trophy will travel to Scotland or the USA. Who will put the hands on it? We will see next wednesday.

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