2016-07-14 21:33

The final game was played, a winner was found, the cup is over!

After almost 6 months and 135 games played by 64 teams, we know who is the winner of this competition. When traveling to Scotland, owner JohnnyAce of NOtown ~MYST1CS~ didn't expect such a blowout win of his team, and he returns to the USA calling himself "Champion IECC2". Congrats!

The trophy will be on its way soon! Yes, a real trophy will make its way to North America, and we can't wait to receive this single message from Johnny: "The trophy has landed"!

Thanks to all participating teams, congrats to all winning teams of the group stages, and of course a special Congrats to Bovakian, owner of the runner-up Inbhir Narann.

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