2020-12-31 16:29

In Germany, we belong quite proudly to the European Union. The EU has a law in place, where dealers like me have to pay VAT at the place of the buyers origin - called MOSS (Mini One Stop Shop). So if a French manager buys items for real money, I would have to charge them with the VAT set by the French authorities. This is in place for a few years now, and the reason you have to chose a country when buying stuff from me. At the same time, all countries not belonging to this special MOSS-law, are handled like their origin is in the sellers country (aka Germany). This means, buyers from outside the MOSS area pay 19% VAT.

Now, Corona made the German govt thinking about several meassures, one of them being the reduce of VAT to 16%, limited for the time between 1st of July and 31st of December, 2020. Of course I did not keep this change for myself, much more I was lowering the prices, as it was intended by our govt - and I will have to raise the prices by midnight, back to the old level.

This means, all "non MOSS" buyers will see a raise of the prices for Supporter accounts and Credits, from todays midnight, server time.

On top, UK decided to leave the MOSS area due Brexit. Information are rare, since the timing was almost as imperfect as it could be. But as it stands per today, I am considered to be a "hobby seller", which means I am not falling under the UK VAT or MOSS UK rules anymore. This means, my local TAX laws apply, and we have to charge UK citizens with German VAT.

Yes, running such a game can be quite challenging from a law point of view. If newer, clearer, and most important if other rules are becoming public, I will keep you informed.

Long story short: If you are from the EU and your country is part of MOSS, you are paying your local VAT. If these conditions are not met, you pay German VAT which is 19% by tomorrow morning.

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