2024-01-15 15:30


The current hardware RedZone is running on, is about 8 years old. It is a true struggle to deploy updates without taking the whole game offline. So I decided to go for a fresh installation.

This means, you might experience RedZone to be unreachable from time to time during the next days. It is - inclduing the monster database - just to big to be moved in one step.

First, the underlying operating system will receive its configuration. Once this is done and tested, the database will move. From that point on, you might experience some slowdown of the daily usage of the game. A final step will be to switch the webserver itself. From that point on, the game should run with its usual speed, again.

There will be a longer outage, at the time the database itself moves. I will take care not to do that on a league gameday, and I will take care to extend bidding periods for players and coaches a bit. I will inform you in the forum, when this step will happen.


Update: Server move done

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