2011-12-21 17:25

Hello all,

this is just an announcement...the brand new server arrived.

It will take some time until I have set all as it should be, so we will not benefit from a high end processor, and much more memory, today. Some patience is needed!

During the following hours I will do the basic setup, we will run some checks on the new machines healthiness too. And I will do all the things needed not to run into performance issues again.

A big cheers for the guys that are supporting me by purchasing Credits and/or Supporter accounts, without your help this wouldn't be possible.

We will u p d a t e you about the progress here in the blog. And as soon as possible we will switch to the new server. This goes along with a short downtime, when we have to move the database from the old to the new server. This will take some minutes only.

During the next hours I will not join the forums on bugs and questions.

Check this news blog for further information.

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