2012-01-10 17:30

There is a change in the manual for the Depth chart. There is no change in the functionality, it is just to make it more clear.

The Depth Chart is your way of setting the proper players into the proper positions. The engine checks for each single play and position if there is a player available on the DC. If you set more than one player per position, the depth chart uses an algorithm based on physical condition to determine which player offers the team the best chance to win.

If you create an incorrect Depth chart (too few players, too many players, no Depth chart) the engine will create an Ingame Depth chart (IDC) for you. In case you have too few or no players in your Depth chart, the engine will fill the IDC with randomly selected guys out of your roster and use them for playing the game. In case you have too many players in your Depth chart, the engine will cut the IDC until it meets the maximum roster count.

If you forget to assign a position or no player is present due to injury, then a player from the same position group out of the IDC will be selected. If no player for this position group is available, the engine selects randomly from the IDC.

There are up to 10 different sets of the DC available for supporters, but everyone has at least one DC. If there is no DC set, the engine starts selecting by position group and if that fails, the engine selects randomly. You decide in your match settings which DC set the engine has to use on a per game basis. This enables you (if you are a supporter) to have different setups, like a DC with all your starters for league and cup matches and another one with your youngsters for friendlies. There is a limit of 55 players you are allowed to add on your depth chart.

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