2012-01-21 17:02

I received "complaints" about the lack of payment methods outside Paypal, since it seems to be not possible for some of you to use Paypal.

I accept (!) gift certificates for payment. Here is the way it works:

You enter, and purchase "gift certificates via email". You have to put in the value of the certificate, and here you enter the amount in Euro for the items you would like to purchase. In the comments box you enter your nickname, and the item(s) you would like to purchase. You have to use as email address. In the To-field you have to enter "Peter Stimpel".

Now there is (possibly) only one issue, the exchange rate from your local currency to Euro. And could be is a real problem, because it changes from one day to the other. This is why I ask you to contact me in advance, and I will tell you the current exchange rate. But probably the page will charge you in Euro, based on the Supports answer I received some minutes ago.

There is another benefit out of that way: we don't have to pay any Paypal fees, and this is why we offer a 5% discount when using this payment method!

Please notice: It is absolutely important to do the purchase of these Gift certificates on the german page, I won't accept any certificates from other countries Amazon pages.

I hope this makes payments easier for you.

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