2012-07-15 17:24

Today we implemented some usability changes in the Draft Board handling.

First of all, the general draft process remains the same!

Those changes are more a kind of 'cosmetic' improvements since the drag & drop feature behaves not correct in all circumstances (e.g. in older browsers).

What's staying the same?
- You still can sort your draft board using drag & drop as before by clicking on the small icon at the beginning of the draft player's row and dragging it around.
- You can put one player to the top or bottom of the list with the 'To the top' / 'To the bottom' icons.

What's new?
- Next to the 'To the top' / 'To the bottom' icons there are two new icons named 'one position up' / 'one position down'. With a left click on that button the player will be moved one single row up or down.
- If you left click on a player row that row will be selected (you'll see it graphically highlighted). When a row is selected you can do the following:
- - Move that entry up one row, pressing the cursor up key or the U key
- - Move that entry down one row, pressing the cursor down key or the D key
- - Move that entry to the top of the list pressing the Page Up key or the T key
- - Move that entry to the bottom of the list pressing the Page Down key or the B key
- - Left-clicking the selected row again will uns e l e c t it. Alternatively you can press the Escape key to uns e l e c t the selected row
- There is a new text field per row displaying the current position on the list. Additionally you can change the number in that text field to any number you want ( between 1 and 96 - reflecting the position on the list). If you have changed the number in the text field you will have to press the Enter key to apply the change. If you just leave the input field the old value will be restored and nothing happens (in cases you accidentally change a number you din't want to).

We hope you enjoy those changes and that it will help to sorting the draft board more easily. If you see any unexpected results, please let us know in the Bugs section of the Forum - Thanks!

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