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Berman: Hello everyone and welcome back to RZCenter, and with the regular season over we apologize for the downtime while our staff went on strike but we are back with WildCard weekend updates so lets get down to it shall we. Three of the four games this weekend had very close finishes all within 7 points or less in 2 cases. Our first matchup featured the 11-5 Arizona Cardinals taking on the Plymouth Admirals, this game was a close one as the Admirals struck first in the 2nd quarter with a 21 yard field goal but as the Cardinals always do, they tie it with a 35 yarder of their own with 50 seconds left in the half. Neither team could make it to the endzone until the 4th with the Admirals putting up the deciding points with a 6 yard run by Bradbury. Here are the interviews from the game

Cardinals HC: Well we gave it our all hoping we could make it to the second round, but we were beaten by a better team. All we can do now is look to pick up some guys in the draft and look to next season. Obviously a disappointment that we couldn't get into the endzone like we have all season but it is a good learning lesson for all involved. We wish luck to the Admirals in the Divisional game.

Admirals HC: Well we were hoping for more offense but I think for the fans this was a better win not only against a good team but also as far as interest was concerned I think we delivered. Not going to lie the Cardinals put up a good fight and hopefully we will see them again next season.

Ditka: No bad blood between either teams which is always a good sign.

Berman: Right you are Mike, ok onto game 2 which featured the All-stars against the GalactikDemons. and this game had two big defensive plays one by each team. First quarter action and 10 seconds into the game and Mendiburu for the Demons returns it 35 yards for a pick-6, however that is all they would score as a field goal and then with under 2 minutes in the 4th, the All-stars get a pick-6 of their own and advance to the Divisional game by a score of 10-7

Berman: The game everyone was watching featured the NC west division winners the Nitro Shock at home against the Porto Engineers and what a game this was as the Engineers looked to be in control but dont count the shock out so soon as they come from an 8 point deficit in the fourth to win it 15-14 on the strength of 5 field goals on the day.

Ditka: Not much to say about game 4 as it was a 38-0 shutout by the Spartans.

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