2012-10-03 13:33

We feel the need to reduce the amount of money a veteran can deal with, and therefore we are going to introduce several new features to achieve that goal. The first one is called Stadium Shape, and here is a copy from the manual for how it is working.

Starting from Season 6 there is a new element, called Stadium Shape. If the manager has the rank of being a "Top Manager", this Stadium shape is going down by 2 percent for every game played at home, that is generating income. The attendance gets reduced on gamedays when the stadium is in bad shape. A Stadium with 0% Shape is reducing the ticket income to 50% - you see this is quite an impact.

You can fix your stadiums shape by going to the Stadium-section. There you'll find a repair-button, and an offer for how much the repair will be. The manager has to pay the amount of $20 per seat, $200 per Executive seat, and $2000 per VIP-Box. The total amount will be reduced by the shape-value. A 50% shape means 50% costs, the numbers above therefore are valid for 0% Shape. All functions are working linear, so the math should be easy. Keep in mind: there is a Onetime Fee per Repair-session, it is $100,000. The repair of the stadium happens immediately on pressing the repair-button.

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