2012-10-28 10:53

The new season 6 is there, 5th season is history now. We would like to thank the suckers from the German Telekom for interrupting our internet connection again and again. Finally we had to restore the database from the backup we created right before starting the rollover-scripts. This took longer than expected. However, we finished this task with success, 2 hours late...

Now we would like to mention some news around the engine. As some of you may know already, from now on Engine V2 is active for ALL games. This includes Friendly-Cup-Games, no matter if the cup was started in the old season or not. Be careful!

What's new?

- formation relations:

A matrix of offense and defense formations was created to give bonuses/disadvantages on selecting the right/wrong Defense formation for a certain Offense formation.

- better defensive backs on long plays (todays update)

The Backfield, especially the Safeties lost their battling against the attacking receivers and rushers. This is the reason we gave the Safeties some more "tackling power" in such situations.

- changed way of playbook-based assumptions

In the old engine these assumptions are limited to plays covered by playbook-entries of the Defense, in the new engine this limit is not there anymore

- the blitzing an update, just for the math in that, not the result itself

- the long pass calculation

...was rewritten, and there was a small tweak on that to be operable with this changes Safety-Balance

...some more tweaks, bugfixes and so on

So for now: Enjoy the new season, don't forget to switch your playbooks, and sign a new sponsor...

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