2012-11-15 20:04

We uploaded two updates today:

1.) There is an new engine version used for friendlies. We added some additional patches to the backfield tackling, and rewrote some parts about blitz checks, formation relations, and the carrying part of both rush and pass plays...These changes are active now for Friendly games only. To know which engine was used you could check the bottom of the "general game stats". If it is mentioning 2.0 the game got calculated by using the official engine version, if it tells about 2.2.1 it is the Friendly-engine.

2.) We added the clock feature to defensive playbooks, as you know it from the offensive playbooks already. It is working exactly the same way. We found a way to maintain compatibility with already exported playbooks, so these files are still valid. All existing playbook rules were changed to "clock=any", so there is no change on the basic behavior of your already existing playbook rules.

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