2012-12-24 00:22

We would like to wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas. Hopefully you can enjoy the days, find some relaxing hours, get some distance from everydays trouble. We wish you all the best.

You might remember: we asked you for making some advertisement on social networks, here is the result.

Facebook: Our follower base has grown by 47 to 192. This makes 10 Credits.

Google+: We won 19 new followers, this makes 65 now. This results in another 4 Credits.

Twitter: 16 new followers, this makes it 54 now. 4 Credits on top.

Twitter hashmark competition: we found one (!) hashmark #RedZoneAction, which is worth 1 Credit.

OnlineSportManagers: We raised our global rank to #5, which is one rank better than 4 weeks before. This is worth another 2 Credits.

If I am not mistaken this results in 21 Credits for each of you. Because it is Christmas, and we had an amazing year, we will double this to 42. This should provide a chance to you to join a Friendly Cup, or to arrange some Scrimmage games, or anything else from the "menu".


Preachie and Pete

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