2012-12-30 14:47

We activated a new feature for testing today, so called player trading.

First of all: at the moment this is just in status Alpha, this means you use the feature, can make offers, veto them, whatever. But the transfer won't come true finally, no money or player changes its owner, no penalty on Team chemistry and so on will happen.

So what is it about: You can put your players up for trade. By this, they appear on the transfer market - marked as traded. Now everyone can place offers on that player. The owner can refuse or accept these offers during a period of 7 days. Once an offer got accepted, a period of another 7 days (review period) is starting, while other owners can't put offers on that trade anymore. All team-owners out of the league where the player is originating from, and where he is going to, get notified about this trade attempt. These managers are able to put a veto on that trade, by telling a short reason for their veto. Vetos can be withdrawn. Once a Veto was withdrawn, this owner cannot put another veto on the same trade. If, after the 7 days review period, there are less than 4 vetos on a trade, it will happen (Keep in mind, actually it won't happen during our test). Putting a player up for trade is possible until day 67 of a season (during the test this limit is not active).

So we expect you to test this feature, to send bug reports if needed, to make suggestions how to make it better.

Let's see if this works as expected, if the community is great enough to handle such an offer without starting riots, attacks or just to abuse it. We know there is a lot of cheating potential in there, this is why we decided to go for a public alpha test for the very first time of

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