2013-01-18 18:52

On Sunday afternoon, or maybe early evening, we will switch to Season 7.

This means, you guys should check if you missed to send all your Youngsters out of the Youth Academy to your Senior team. If you are running the HR Department, check your contracts to be done.

What's new in Season 7...

1.) We will activate that engine we used in Friendly games during season 6. The numbering changes from V2.2.1 to V3.0. We will enable this u p d a t e this evening, after the last official game of this season was simulated, the Champ of Champions Bowl. Good luck to both teams, btw! This will result in playing all games from tomorrow on using the V3-engine.

What are the major changes on this engine?

- the Defensive Backfield has more importance, especially Safeties
- the AI was changed a bit, to allow a more variable pass/rush gameplay
- there are some adjustments on Fumbles and Interceptions
- some more tweaks on the engine itself

At the same time as we enable the new engine we will change the order of how to pick players from the roster to fill the Shotgun 4 WR formation and the Dime defense. The change is about to fill the primary CB/WR slots on left and right first, and then fill the secondary spots for these positions.

Not to forget another nice change on the website: Our user Kaziklu bey contacted us during this week if we would like to have a Czech translation. We activated all the stuff needed to translate the page by wednesday...and today (2 days later!!) the major translation was done, and activated. Thank you for that - great job!

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