2013-02-10 11:44

1.) You asked us to create a Facility Manager, so the Stadiums Condition stays "top" automatically. We added such a new Staff-member. Here is the description form the manual:

The Facility Manager takes care about your Stadiums Condition if you hire level 20. This will result in an immediate repair of all damages caused during the game - that way your Stadiums Condition will stay at 100% automatically. The costs for the repair itself are the same as without the Facility Manager. Be careful, the One time fee for the repair itself is charged on each homegame that influences the Stadiums Condition. There are only two levels of the Facility Manager available (1 and 20). 1 means no automatic repair.

2.) Managers having a Manager-rank less than Top-Manager will receive on warning if they attempt to bid on players on the Transfer-Market and the players weekly wage is above $80,000.

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