2013-05-05 21:01

The veterans might remember: a manager could connect his/her profile and his/her Facebook profile. By doing that, you can forward Press-releases to your Facebook-page. Your friends will then know if things change for your team here in If you win trophies, your friends will know that too. Finally, you can use your Facebook page like a Matchticker. The results get forwarded, and you can choose in your settings if we should do that or not. But why should you do that?

Two easy answers:

1.) You earn Credits for each single entry we are creating on your behalf on Facebook

2.) You spread the word about, and maybe we can convince some of your friends to join the game

Of course you have full control of what we are posting. Just check the settings-area. At the settings you can activate the Facebook-connection, and chose on which events we notify your friends. If you don't like to have this connection anymore, just cancel the rights to post on your behalf in your Facebook privacy settings.

Start right now and activate the Facebook connector in your Settings.

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