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posted: 2023-05-01 05:07:19 (ID: 100173737)  Edits found: 2 Report Abuse
Did you know that 1 newborn every 4000 births will experience a stroke and in 70% of the cases strokes can also cause cerebral palsy, with a risk of permanent long-term cognitive and motor impairment but also epilepsy. Only in the US, strokes will even affect 2000 more kids under 17 years old.

I am pretty sure not many of you knew about that, thinking strokes only happens on adults. In a way, that’s good. But this knowledge came to me the hard way, with the birth of my only daughter last September. Following a difficult birth, she lost forever half of her brain to an ischemic stroke and we are fighting hard since to stimulate her baby brain plasticity so she can recover parts of the motor and cognitive functions an adult would have definitely lost.

Since, my wife and I created a non-profit to:
- raise awareness about cerebral palsy and pediatric strokes
- create contents to help parents with kids having cerebral palsy (to start, we are trying to publish a free book for kid I wrote)
- raise money to provide therapies and surgery to kids with low income family and eventually for my daughter
- organize local play-dates between kids with handicaps

And to be honest creating this non-profit also helps us to move forward, now that any personal long term project are impossible and that we gave up our careers to switch to part-times jobs in order to take care of our baby girl.

Now I am telling you this today to raise that awareness everywhere I can. The timing is not random as today in the beginning of the pediatric stroke awareness month.

Many families suffer from ignorance and the judging looks over their kiddos because they are still in a stroller at 3, because they walk funny, because they are hyperactive or because they grunt instead of talking… Those looks are energy and happiness drainers for the whole family and may lead to self isolation.

I am telling you this because in most of the countries, therapies are not well covered and families needs to renounce getting them or need to sacrifice a lot to access to them. To change that, everybody has a powerful weapon: the election ballot.

And finally I am telling you this in case you want to support our non-profit in any way. If so, please tell me and I will give you our info in inbox message.
Whatever your country is, there are also bigger non-profit about cerebral palsy you can support too.

Thank you for reading and see you on the virtual field!

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posted: 2023-05-01 07:33:13 (ID: 100173738) Report Abuse
Thanks for raising this topic. Why not posting some regional links, maybe out of the top 10 countries from
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posted: 2023-05-01 19:25:46 (ID: 100173750)  Edits found: 1 Report Abuse
I do not know all the national organisations, but those are a few international and French ones:

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posted: 2023-10-29 20:49:27 (ID: 100178141) Report Abuse
Today is World stroke day.

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posted: 2023-11-23 21:14:51 (ID: 100179042) Report Abuse
October 6th, 2023 was World Cerebral Palsy Day

There is a homepage with further information. Among other things, there is also a partner list for organizations and foundations from many countries.



I wish your family lots of strength and love.

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