2017-08-21 11:46

IECC3 final

Yesterday, two more competitors got eliminated, and so Solana_Steve and Buziano are not taking part in the cup any more. Let's have a look at the two finalists.

In the blue corner, there are The Red Star Goats, managed by Fincyril from France. In the red corner, from Germany, manager notsch and his Landru Athletics are waiting for the fight. Both teams met once for an official game in the past only. At that time, the Goats were able to win over the Athletics - tough it was a close one, back in Season 24.

Both teams are equal in terms of strength, while the Goats pay a little bit more for their players and coaches. So on coming Sunday 4 pm we will answer the question: will the real unique trophy travel to France, or will it stay in Germany, travelling only around 120 miles...

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2017-08-14 14:31

Right, the divisions were played, and we have 4 teams to advance into the playoffs. This means, only 3 more games to play in this competition. Let's have a look...

The winner of group 1 is - surprise surprise - Solana_Steve, manager of San Diego Blitzkrieg. He won everything you could win in RZA, and he is a hot candidate for winning this competition as well.

The winner of group 2 is a well known manager as well: notsch and his Landru Athletics are RZA-members from the first minute as well as San Diego Blitzkireg. And notsch was also able to win all trophies you can win - except he is missing the RZA Elite Bowl in his trophy case.

There is a trophy both teams are missing until now: the RZA IECC trophy - which is not just a single small graphics-file, but real hardware!

Since both teams won their groups by 3 wins, we consider them to be the favorite teams from now.

However, there are 2 teams in the hunt, and both Buzianos Munich Runners and Fincyrils The Red Star Goats will have a shot to annoy the Athletics and Blitzkrieg.

Coming Sunday we will see who enters this one last game, the all or nothing game. Will the trophy travel to USA again, or will it stay on European mainland?

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