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Manager rank is Top Manager

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League: RZA Elite League AC West

ELO score: 955 - Rank global: 66 - Rank in league: 30

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100 %
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100 %
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Leagueok Champ of Champsunknown Supercupok Supercup Playoffsunknown
78.5 %
77.3 %
  Avg Age Seniors: 25.1
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77.9 %
  Rush Defense:
79.4 %
  Weekly wages Players $ 6,093,822
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77.9 %
78.3 %
  Weekly wages Coaches $ 1,050,454
Stadium: Spikey Cleats Battlefield (capacity: 144144)
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Season 56Member RZA Elite League
Season 55Conference Champion Admirals 1 NC
Season 55Winner Admirals 1 NC West
Season 52Member RZA Elite League
Season 51League Champion Monarchs 1
Season 51Conference Champion Monarchs 1 AC
Season 51Winner Monarchs 1 AC South
Season 50Member RZA Elite League
Season 49Conference Champion Monarchs 1 NC
Season 49Winner Monarchs 1 NC East
Season 48Winner Monarchs 1 NC East
Season 47Winner Monarchs 1 NC East
Season 46Winner Monarchs 1 NC East
Season 44Winner Monarchs 1 NC East
Season 41Winner Monarchs 1 NC East
Season 37Winner Monarchs 1 NC East
Season 36Winner Monarchs 1 NC East
Season 35Winner Monarchs 1 NC East
Season 34Winner Monarchs 1 NC East
Season 33Member RZA Elite League
Season 32Member RZA Elite League
Season 31League Champion Monarchs 1
Season 31Conference Champion Monarchs 1 AC
Season 31Winner Monarchs 1 AC South
Season 30Member RZA Elite League
Season 29All Stars Challenge, All Stars were playing relaxed tactics
Season 29Conference Champion Monarchs 1 AC
Season 29Winner Monarchs 1 AC East
Season 28All Stars Challenge, All Stars were playing relaxed tactics
Season 28All Stars Challenge, All Stars were playing relaxed tactics
Season 28All Stars Challenge, All Stars were playing relaxed tactics
Season 26Winner Monarchs 1 AC East
Season 25Winner Monarchs 1 AC East
Season 23Winner Monarchs 1 AC East
Season 22Winner Monarchs 1 AC East
Season 21Member RZA Elite League
Season 20Conference Champion Monarchs 1 NC
Season 20Winner Monarchs 1 NC West
Season 19Winner Monarchs 1 NC West
Season 18Winner Monarchs 1 NC West
Season 17Winner Monarchs 1 NC West
Season 14Winner Monarchs 1 NC West
Season 10Conference Champion Monarchs 4 NC
Season 10Winner Monarchs 4 NC West
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Superbowl Champion in seasons: 31, 51
Conference Champion in seasons: 10, 20, 29, 31, 49, 51, 55
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2018-08-05 19:55:21 - Bruisers HOF Induction Ceremony - DL Lacy LandReport Abuse

Welcome to this HOF Event, it's a festival type atmosphere here at Spikey Cleats Battlefield, as the Bruisers have just earned their 1st League Win of the season, defeating the Patagonic 65-10, much to the delight of 122,000+ of the Bruisers faithful, most of whom have stayed on for this auspicious event, honouring the amazing career of Bruisers DL Lacy Land, here on BCN!

I'm your host P.J. McDonald along with BCN Analyst Joe Theismann. Joe, DL Lacy Land had a tremendous career with The Bruisers. Which aspects of his accomplishments stand out the most, in your mind?

JT - Well P.J., there are quite a few Team Records, as he played 223 League Games (incl playoffs) in his entire 13 year career, all with the Bruisers...

Ranked # 1 - Tackles for loss (295)
#1 - Forced Fumbles (20)
#1 - Fumbles Recovered (16)
#3 - Tackles (654)
#3 - QB Sacks (30)

He also had a Career Tackling % of 84.9, and is 1st Overall among Bruisers DL in MVP Points (491)

In Summary, DL Lacy Land never took a day off, Heck, he never even took a single play off. His work ethic was contagious among his team mates for the duration of his 13 year career.He made the Bruisers a better team by his mere presence.

PJ - Great stuff Joe. Examining the Bruisers Team Record during the 13 seasons of Lacy Land'stenure, the Bruisers posted a .637% winning percentage, essentially winning 2 of 3, which will get you to the playoffs most of the time.

Any final words Joe, before we shift coverage on the festivities on field?

JT - DL Lacy Land had a spectacular career, both on and off the field. He will continue to participate in Bruisers Alumni Events. I would not be the least bit surprised if the Bruisers offered a Scouting or consulting role with the Club.

PJ - Thanks Joe!

We will now shift our BCN LIVE Coverage to field level where ideaguy will approach the podium to address the throng of fans who have waited for this moment of this day, to initiate the procedings.

Stay tuned to BCN for continuing Bruisers coverage.

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2018-07-28 17:22:19 - Season XXX ReviewReport Abuse

Welcome back to BCN, I'm P.J. McDonald along with BCN Analyst Joe Theismann. Let's start with the basics, did the Bruisers Season XXX output, year-over-year, improve, tread water, or sink?

JT - Well P.J., looks like it's safe to say the Bruisers improved full-steam ahead, matey.

They fielded a squad for their Season XXX Home Opener that was rated 74.5%, they have finished the season with all Retirees, player contracts, etc, solved, bought out and released...with a group rated 76.1%...a 1.6 % improvement, while slightly decreasing total Player and coaching salaries.

How was this achieved? Quite simply...Several key veterans retired which freed up a substantial amount of weekly salary.

PJ - The result is the Bruisers have lost their best OL J Scarlett to retirement, along with their best and award-winning SF C Cruz, their top TE O Najeeb, and others.

Bruisers fans are wondering, will these vacancies be filled with players who will get the job done?

JT - The Bruisers invest substantially in their YA System, which is said to be among the finest in RZA...and they've figured the whole thing out

Consequently, the Bruisers have a mere 4 Players on their roster which were acquired via the Transfer Market.

The Bruisers are Ranked 96th in the Global rankings....there few if any teams in the TOP 100 who have more YA + Draft and less TL players on their roster

PJ - OK, so it's fair to say the Bruisers improved again, while missing the Playoffs in RZA Elite with a 5-11 record, and losing in the 1st Round of SC Playoffs?

JT - For Bruisers fans, the most knowledgeable fans in RZA, it would be the case.

But in that building, and in that locker room, there isn't anyone that is the least bit satisfied

There is no satisfaction in losing

Only 1 Team can win

PJ - Ok Joe, now we come to the Predictions for Season XXXI, what say you?

JT - Thanks P.J., seems to me the Bruisers will pretty much pick up where they left off in
Season XXIX, where they won their Conference. Regardless of which Conference they are relegated to, they will undoubtedly be one of the top contenders.

Without seeing their upcoming schedule, here goes

Looks like they will go 12-4, or better, in Monarchs 1.1 League play, and 13-2 in SC

M 1.1 Conference Playoff seeding should be #3 or better

We have a very good chance of seeing the Bruisers in the Final 4 again

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2018-05-19 16:12:23 - Bruisers HOF Induction Ceremony - LB Richard HueyReport Abuse

Welcome to BCN Live Coverage, from the Bruisers Media Centre, here at Spikey Cleats Battlefield, for the Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony of Bruisers LB Richard Huey. Now here are Host P.J. McDonald, along with BCN Analyst Joe Theismann.

PJ - Here we are Joe, for the HOF Induction of LB Richard Huey, Pre-Game to the Bruisers hosting the Brawlers in RZA Elite League Action, which we'll have for you Live here on BCN, immediately following the Ceremony. The atmosphere is already highly charged here, and the stadium is almost full already, 4+ hours before kickoff, with fans chanting "Huey...Huey...Huey..."

JT - It really is quite a spectacle. LB Richard Huey retired at the conclusion of Season 23, after 14 Seasons playing continuously and exclusively for the Bruisers.

He amassed an impressive list of achievements and Team Records in League competition only, as evidenced by the following:

- 1st All-Time in DEF Tackles - 709
- 2nd All-Time in INT's - 53
- 2nd All-Time in DEF TD's - 43
- 2nd All-Time in FUM REC - 11
- 3rd All-Time in Game MVP - 17
- 9th All-Time in Forced FUM - 9
- Career Tackling % 86.6
- 27th All-Time in Broken Tackles - 78 (as a LB)

In summary, LB Richard Huey has provided a display of work ethic to aspire to, for the rest of the Bruisers Players who hope to follow in his footsteps.

PJ - The Bruisers only recognize League Stats, not Supercup, etc. Why is that Joe?

JT - Quite simply, League stats are more relevant and consistent than Supercup, as Supercup Leagues are like the sands in the desert, constantly shifting, and the League stats are more consistent year in and year out, because the Teams stay the same, except the relegation and elevation of teams that qualify. In short, League play is a more reliable guage of talent.

JP - Shifting our attention to the festivities inside the stadium now, I can see ideaguy approaching the podium at MId-field here in Spikey Cleats Battlefield to begin the proceedings. Let's hear what he has to say.

ig - Welcome to the Home of The Bruisers, here at Spikey Cleats Battlefield! Thank you all for joining us for this event!

Today is a very special day, as we recognize and celebrate the Career of one of the finest Bruisers All-Time, LB Richard Huey.

Richard played his entire 14 Season Career with the Bruisers. He finished as the All-Time Team Leader in Tackles with 709, and finished 2nd All-time in 3 other statistical catagories.

Perhaps the most telling of his skill and character, was the fact he finished his career 27th in Broken Tackles with 78, as a LB!!

It is with great pride and pleasure, we now present to you. the Bruisers second-ever inductee to our Hall of Fame, LB Richard Huey!!!

PJ - Richard Huey is now approaching the podium, amid a standing ovation from the near-capacity crowd, already in attendance.

RH - Thank you ideaguy, for this Great Honour.

I never, even in my wildest dreams, had any idea this day would ever come along. I believed what you and Coach V insrtructed me, that if I did what I was told, and worked at it with all my focus and effort, success was sure to follow.

A HUGE Thanks also goes out to all my Team mates over the 14 years for all their support, and their own personal dedication to be the best they could be. They, by being the best they could be, enabled me to be the Best I could possibly be.

Of course, the undying support of my wife, family and friends, was crucial in its contribution to any success I enjoyed.

Accordingly, I accept this Great Honour, not for myself, but for all my Team Mates, past, present, and future, who will carry on the Bruisers tradition and Team Culture of Continuous improvement through change.

Finally, none of anything we've discussed today would have been possible without the Most Important Component of the Bruisers Formula for Success...OUR FANS. THANK YOU BRUISERS FANS!!!

PJ -With that, The sizable crowd embarks on a protracted standing ovation, while Richard Huey raises his arms toward the fans, as he steps back from the podium, and takes a bow. The din is deafening.

Joe, do you have any final thoughts before we head to coverage of the upcoming Bruisers Brawlers game here?

JT - Richard did not have any special traits, as such. He was as intelligent as anyone else on the field at any given time, if not more intelligent. He had all the attributes of a great linebacker, and then some. He led by example. He set the pace for work ethic, not just for defense, but for the entire Team.

The Bruisers have told him the door is always open if he would like to continue on in another capacity, such as consultant.

My understanding is Richard is planning on spending more time with his family, while his kids are still young. That said he is not ruling anything out, whatsoever.

PJ - That concludes this special edition coverage on BCN.

Stay Tuned for coverage of the Bruisers vs Brawlers, right here on BCN, The Bruisers Communications Network

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2018-05-03 05:09:01 - Season XXIX ReviewReport Abuse

Welcome to this edition of BCN Bruisers Football Today! Here's Host P.J. McDonald and BCN Analyst Joe Theismann

PJ - Well Joe, the Bruisers had, by all accounts, a remarkable Season. Please, sum it up for us.

JT - The Bruisers fielded a Team rated 71.3 in their Season-Opening 38-30 Victory vs Racoons. Their current Team Rating is 75.0 following their Bowl Game 40-13 loss at the hands of the Leopards. This represents a 3.7% improvement, from start to finish,.. the best ever single season jump in Bruisers History.

PJ - Well, I suppose the very fact they got to the Bowl is a testament to the notion the Bruisers have improved.

JT - Indeed, despite selling off their Starting QB M Cobral, Starting RB C Reilly, and Starting DL A Horngacher, the Team % rating remained at its current level, the 3.7% increase we mentioned earlier.

PJ - The Bruisers reward is elevation to Elite League for Season XXX. What are we to expect as Bruisers Fans?

JT - Well P.J., we all remember I predicted the Bruisers would do no better this Season than 12-4, and they finished 15-1, and this was discussed in detail in a previous release....so at the risk of further embarrassment, here's what I think..the Bruisers are in Elite League for the 2nd go-round...we all remember what a challenge it was after the 1st time thru (2-14), and there may not be much in the way of change...the Bruisers will be outmatched in almost every contest

PJ - Are you saying the Bruisers will have an excellent draft position, at the end of next season, season 30?

JT - In essence, yes. The Bruisers are pretty much guaranteed a "Top 5" pick...Vegas has put the over/under number for Bruisers wins at 3.5.

PJ - Stay tuned to BCN for continuing coverage

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2018-04-29 05:31:20 - Season XXIX Playoff u p d a t e / Bowl PreviewReport Abuse

PJ - P.J. McDonald along with BCN Analyst Joe Theismann, welcoming you to this edition of Bruisers Football Today. Joe, let's start with a look back at your latest prediction, Bruisers by 7 over Behemoth, in the Divisional round. Bruisers won by 12, so your prediction turned out to be more accurate than most.

JT - Thanks P.J. I suppose every once in awhile, even a blind squirrel finds an acorn.

PJ - The Bruisers next hosted the Aliens in the Conference Championship. The Bruisers came away with a 38-28 Win in that one, despite the blinding effects of the Aliens uniform "colours".

JT - Right P.J., the Bruisers made some adjustments, which produced positive results. The radiation goggles helped. They had to do something different, as the Aliens had never lost to the Bruisers until this season.

PJ - How things change, the Bruisers have now defeated the Aliens consecutively after having been win-less in all prior contests. Next, as a reward, the Bruisers go on the Road to face the Leopards for Monarchs 1.1 League Supremacy, the BOWL. Share your perspective on this tilt for us Mr. T

- JT - I Pity The Fool who bets on the Bruisers...but seriously there is a common thread emerging here. The Bruisers had never beaten the Aliens until this year. Similarly, the Bruisers have yet to defeat the Leopards. So any prediction made is done with trepidation. The Leopards are a vastly superior team compared with the Bruisers. Accordingly, the Leopards are prohibitive favourites. I know the Bruisers have traditionally done a thorough job of scouting their opponents, and their preparation for this game is likely to be similar in that regard.

PJ - What do you see as being key elements of this upcoming Monarchs 1.1 Season XXIX BOWL game featuring Bruisers vs Leopards @ Leopards Arena.

JT - Key # 1: the Bruisers will have to play an error-free game to have any hope for success. No Team can expect a positive result vs a Team the Calibre of the Leopards, if there are turnovers, missed tackles, missed FG's, etc. Key #2: Third-down conversions - the Bruisers need to achieve the maximum time-of-possession, in an effort to keep the Leopards vaunted Offense from taking over, by controlling the game tempo and field position. Key #3 Big Plays : The Bruisers simply cannot allow the Leopards to have any big plays, Plus, they will likely need at least one big play of their own to have any chance.

PJ - Judging by your commentary, seems the Bruisers are Doomed in this one.

JT - With all due respect to the Bruisers, who have had a Remarkable season so far, qualifying for a BOWL Game for just the 2nd time in the 21 year history since ideaguy took control, that's the conclusion precipitated by my analysis. There are simply too many things that have to go the Bruisers way, because of the superiority of the Leopards.

PJ - We have Breaking News...The Bruisers have just Transfer-Listed two Veteran Starters; DL A Horngacher, and RB C Reilly. Certainly many Bruisers fans must be mystified by these moves on top of the recent TL of Veteran Starting QB M Cobral.

JT - Yes P.J., there are certainly segments of the Bruisers' fan base who will at least be questioning the timing of such moves. Offers were made on all these players shortly after they entered the market, which speaks to the desirability and quality of their talent. Let's remember the Bruisers' guiding principle is "Improvement Through Change", and it has been this inspiration which has led the Bruisers to where they are now.

PJ - The fans have a point in their assertion these players will be missed, especially DL A Horngacher, as he will be ineligible to play in the Bowl, due to what some are calling his "premature addition" to the Transfer list, referring to the actual timing of the event. The Bruisers still have RB C Reilly in a starting position on their depth chart, because his TL period of availability extends to a point in time After the BOWL will have ended.

JT - Yes, the Bruisers Brain-trust could have opted to wait a bit longer to keep DL A Horngacher eligible, so some unknown factor must have been at play. The fact they waited longer to TL RB C Reilly, keeping him eligible for the BOWL, leads me to believe there was some reason. I'm speculating, but it feels like the Bruisers had planned a limited role, if any, For DL A Horngacher in the BOWL. The Bruisers have an embarrassment of riches at DL don't make moves of such magnitude without due consideration. This means we're likely to see more of DL M Karr than in previous Playoff Games.

PJ - Ok Joe, it's Prediction Time! We need you to lay it on the line for us.

JT - The talent, experience, and skill of the Leopards will be more than the Bruisers can handle.

Leopards win by 20 points, 34-14

PJ - Thanks Joe, and of course our audience!!!

Enjoy the BOWL Game everyone, and stay tuned to BCN for continuing coverage.

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