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Joined the game: 2011-12-07 / S02

Manager rank is Top Manager

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League: Dragons 1 NC North

ELO score: 1037 - Rank global: 45 - Rank in league: 5

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Team chemistry:
100 %
100 %
Physical condition:
99 %
Financial situation:
Managers tactical talent:
Leagueok Champ of Champsunknown Supercupok Supercup Playoffsunknown
78.6 %
78.1 %
  Avg Age Seniors: 26.4
Pass Defense:
79.9 %
  Rush Defense:
80.1 %
  Weekly wages Players $ 4,227,976
Special Team:
78.3 %
79.1 %
  Weekly wages Coaches $ 641,753
Stadium: DMZ Sepulcrum (capacity: 144300)
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Season 55Winner Dragons 1 NC North
Season 50Winner Dragons 1 NC North
Season 46Winner Dragons 1 NC North
Season 44Winner Dragons 1 NC North
Season 42Winner Dragons 1 NC North
Season 41Member RZA Elite League
Season 40League Champion Dragons 1
Season 40Conference Champion Dragons 1 NC
Season 39Member RZA Elite League
Season 38League Champion Dragons 1
Season 38Conference Champion Dragons 1 AC
Season 38Winner Dragons 1 AC West
Season 37Winner Dragons 1 AC West
Season 36Winner Dragons 1 AC West
Season 35Winner Dragons 1 AC West
Season 30Winner Dragons 1 AC West
Season 29Member RZA Elite League
Season 28League Champion Dragons 1
Season 28Conference Champion Dragons 1 NC
Season 28Winner Dragons 1 NC North
Season 26Member RZA Elite League
Season 25Winner RZA Elite League 0 NC West
Season 25Member RZA Elite League
Season 24League Champion Dragons 1
Season 24Conference Champion Dragons 1 AC
Season 24Friendly Cup Coupe de France XX
Season 24Winner Dragons 1 AC South
Season 23Winner Dragons 1 AC South
Season 22Winner Dragons 1 AC South
Season 21Friendly Cup Coupe de France XVII
Season 15Winner Dragons 1 AC South
Season 14Winner Dragons 1 AC South
Season 13Friendly Cup Coupe de France IX
Season 10League Champion Dragons 3
Season 10Conference Champion Dragons 3 NC
Season 10Winner Dragons 3 NC South
Season 7League Champion Dragons 2
Season 7Conference Champion Dragons 2 NC
Season 7Winner Dragons 2 NC West
Season 6Winner Dragons 2 NC West
Season 2Winner Dragons 3 NC North
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Champ of Champions00
Friendly Cup00
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Elite member in seasons: 25, 26, 29, 39, 41
Superbowl Champion in seasons: 7, 10, 24, 28, 38, 40
Conference Champion in seasons: 7, 10, 24, 28, 38, 40
Division Champion in seasons: 2, 6, 7, 10, 14, 15, 22, 23, 24, 25, 28, 30, 35, 36, 37, 38, 42, 44, 46, 50, 55
Friendly Cups won in seasons: 13, 21, 24
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2020-05-28 23:32:49 - The Gardians seasonal recordsReport Abuse

Financial state of your team
I used to record the result of each season in the forum.
The one and only, ORIGINAL (not a duplicate !), posted: 2019-09-22 23:04:38 (ID: 100143308)
And now in a press release.

Right now my war chest is about "in progress"
Some savings and not losing money. However that’s a choice and my activity on the transfer market explains it : NADA ! Zero peanuts !

S32 Dragons1 Balance _$ -50 963 392 (Last pledge in MC, early bird)
S35 Dragons1 Balance _$ +34 967 760 (No pledge in Mediacenter)
S36 Dragons1 Balance _$ +38 819 278 (No pledge in Mediacenter)
S37 Dragons1 Balance _$ +23 072 468 (No pledge in Mediacenter)
S38 Dragons1 Balance _$ +33 691 723 (No pledge in Mediacenter, Superbowl Champion, all games won)
S39 Elite Leag Balance ___ $ +360 318 (No pledge in Mediacenter)
S40 Dragons1 Balance _$ +24 995 632 (No pledge in Mediacenter, Superbowl Champion)
S41 Elite Leag Balance _$ +13 114 721 (No pledge in Mediacenter)
S42 Dragons1 Balance __$ +8 415 836 (No pledge in Mediacenter)
S43 Dragons1 Balance _$ +33 119 295 (No pledge in Mediacenter)
S44 Dragons1 Balance _$ +23 979 568 (No pledge in Mediacenter)
S45 Dragons1 Balance _$ +15 956 576 (No pledge in Mediacenter)
S46 Dragons1 Balance __ $ -2 971 405 (No pledge in Mediacenter)
S47 Dragons1 Balance _$ +16 150 625 (No pledge in Mediacenter)
S48 Dragons1 Balance _$ +29 580 061 (No pledge in Mediacenter)
S49 Dragons1 Balance __$ +6 856 577 (No pledge in Mediacenter)
S50 Dragons1 Balance _$ +31 801 578 (No pledge in Mediacenter)
S51 Dragons1 Balance __$ +9 134 279 (No pledge in Mediacenter)
S52 Dragons1 Balance __$ -12 820 596 (No pledge in Mediacenter)
S53 Dragons1 Balance __ $ +2 572 723 (No pledge in Mediacenter)
S54 Dragons1 Balance _ $ +13 378 301 (No pledge in Mediacenter)
S55 Dragons1 Balance _ $ +22 079 382 (No pledge in Mediacenter)

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2018-10-27 23:18:25 - Vintage Jumble SaleReport Abuse

Valuable, affordable and cheap !

Anthony Chopin K & P 27yo $old
Hugo Billon FB 31yo, NOT retiring $old
Gaël Proust OL 33yo, NOT retiring $old
Chris Poirot TE 32yo, NOT retiring $old
Yann Lenoir DL 31yo, NOT retiring $old
Bruno Revel CB 30yo, NOT retiring $old

Roméo Bachelet LB 32yo, NOT retiring R.I.P.
Emmanuel Porte DL 31yo, NOT retiring R.I.P.
Pierre-Alexandre Amiot SF 31yo, NOT retiring R.I.P.

Risk free with money back guarantee !
If for whatever reason you want to request a refund just feel free to hit the [sell this player] button.
No questions asked.

The rule is : In case you plan to sell your retiring players, just keep in mind you can do that until the last Friday midnight, server time, before the first saturday League game.
After this deadline, you cannot get rid of your retiring players anymore.
You are not allowed to sell a player who is retiring at the end of the current season.

2019-04-09 - S34 Special offers

Get the best value for money
Open 24/7

Bruno Dubus CB 27yo $old
Jean-Christophe Monin TE 25yo $old
Charly Lesueur FB 21yo $old
Josselin Gaubert WR 27yo $old
Yoann Lefort TE 26yo $old
Hugo Duchene QB 28yo $old
Ernest Ferrer FB 30yo, NOT retiring $old

Clément Pinson WR 32yo EXP.5 TAL.3, NOT retiring R.I.P.
Mattéo Barrier LB 30yo EXP.4 TAL.5, NOT retiring R.I.P.

2019-07-08 - Hot summer deals

S35 Limited time offer

Richard Garnier DL 28yo $old
Raphaël Giraud RB 28yo $old
Bertrand Le Meur OL 27yo $old
Rémi Grégoire DL 27yo $old
Raphaël Fabre WR 30yo, NOT retiring $old
Loïs Jarry QB 30yo, NOT retiring $old
Flavien Courtin FB 30yo, NOT retiring $old

2020-03-22 - The Orwellian Times

Save them now or they'll be sacrificed

Dimitri Mignot RB 30yo, NOT retiring $old
Kylian Lacoste SF 27yo $old
Yannick Pinel SF 27yo $old
Hervé Le Bihan SF 25yo $old

2020-07-21 - The Orwellian Times

New wave

Tom Gabriel DL 31yo, NOT retiring $old
Sofiane Letellier DL 31yo, NOT retiring $old
Esteban Marot SF 25yo $old
Kévin Guillet K/P 28yo $old
Gabriel Guegan QB 25yo $old

Baptiste Thierry LB 32yo, NOT retiring R.I.P.

2020-10-23 - The Orwellian Times

Pandemic sales

Edouard Lafond TE 26yo $old
Corentin Tavernier WR 28yo $old
Richard Bouvard FB 27yo $old
Mikaël Lafond DL 27yo $old
Gabriel Besson SF 24yo $old
Marvin Torres DL 26yo $old

2021-03-21 - The Orwellian Times

Pandemic business

Rémi Voisin QB 28yo $old
Yann Calvez FB 26yo $old
Steven Thebault CB 32yo NOT retiring $old
Ben Martins DL 29yo $old
Dorian Lavigne RB 27yo $old

2021-06-21 - The Orwellian Times

Pandemic Intangible assets

Sofiane Jarry DL 28yo $old
Patrick Béguin SF 29yo $old
Michaël Rouyer LB 27yo $old
Valentin Caron TE 24yo $old
Yann Duprat SF 25yo $old
Tommy Bouet DL 23yo $old
Tom Geffroy DL 27yo $old
Gaétan Frey TE 26yo $old
Aymeric Marquis RB 26yo $old
Cédric Collet FB 22yo $old
Allan Ferry SF 22yo $old
Michel Lafond QB 23yo $old

2021-12-14 - The Orwellian Times

Profitable Pandemic Overdose

Luc Lamotte FB 28yo $old
Chris Brun DL 26yo $old
Sacha Ballet DL 25yo $old
Rayan Thiery QB 29yo $old

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2017-03-08 21:15:16 - Dragons League 1 : undefeated.Report Abuse

S38 League 1 : undefeated
S38 Dragons 1 AC West / Gardians (BSoD)

PFR-PAR 766-222
TDF-TDA 103-19

Gardians W-L 16-0

Divisional Playoff
W 27-28
Conference Championship
W 24-34
W 35-49

S24 League 1 : undefeated
S24 Dragons 1.1 AC South / Gardians

PFR-PAR 934-122
TDF-TDA 120-11

Gardians W-L 16-0

Divisional Playoff
W 7-24
Conference Championship
W 17-21
W 7-56

The coach did the job, the team won the games.

S24 Bowl Dragons 1.1 - Gardians DC Off (animated gif)

S24 Bowl Dragons 1.1 - Gardians DC Def & K (animated gif)

S24 Bowl Dragons 1.1 - Gardians Coaches & Playbooks

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2013-04-01 17:58:31 - Team name changeReport Abuse

Starting season 8, Les Mousquetaires become Gardians.

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2012-12-13 16:37:29 - New managerReport Abuse

2011-12-07 - The Board hired a new manager, Drogon is now in charge.

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