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The next season is here.
It's the last season with a single BCS Championship game.
Next season comes the playoff system with four teams, selected by some voodoo rules. I will try to explain them to you in one of my future blog entries.
For the first gameday I can only say that it is the regular smash-the-cupcake-opponents-gameday with some exceptions.

I will not give you a big article this week, those previews did basically took all the time away for such a thing.
I hope you enjoyed the previews and you are of cause welcome to give feedback and suggestions for further topics to explore.

It might happen that some topics are too big to discuss in full depth, but normally those topics can be explained in a few sentences at least for the start.
Let's get to the exception games of this gameday, they are really nice.

Here are the BLOCK OF GRANITE TOP GAMES FOR WEEK 1of the new Season

Thursday, August 29
North Carolina @ #6 South Carolina
South Carolina has basically one goal this season, to win the SEC. Of cause that should be the goal every season for them, but every coach does look into the mirror and knows his team’s strength and weaknesses and Steve Spurrier knew he had to catch up a bit to get his team in competitive mode. The last few seasons they had some bad luck or maybe the team was just not THAT good, but this season it should be the best available shot.
On the other hand we have Larry Fedora with his team on the rise. By anyone’s best guesses, this Tar Heels team should never be a match for that Gamecocks team. If you let them play 100 games, SC should win at least 60 to 70 times. Which leave those 30 to 40 wins to the Tar Heels.
An upset is possible, but unlikely. The Heels do play against a stronger opponent on the road ...
The only chance they have is that the Heels might be better prepared, but that's very unlikely with Spurrier at the helm in SC.
So my Tip is that the Gamecocks will win.

Saturday, August 31
Mississippi State vs. #13 Oklahoma State @ Reliant Stadium, Houston, Texas
This will probably be a walk in the park for Oklahoma State, but with Mississippi State it's hard to tell. All signs are pointing in the worst case down for the Bulldogs and Up for the Cowboys.
The big question is, if the Bulldogs really got worse or if some players just step up and the other question is, if the Cowboys did find anyone willing to stop the opponent from gaining yards and points.
I'm expecting a nice shootout but with some more points scored by Oklahoma State than Mississippi State can put on the board.
The Cowboys will win this one.

Saturday, August 31
#1 Alabama vs. Virginia Tech @ Georgia Dome, Atlanta, Georgia
Unfortunately the Hokies are not in shape to be a threat for the big fat elephant out of Alabama.
I'm not sure why Frank Beamer did let his team slide that far down the quality level, but I would have loved to see a VT team win full strength battling it out against the Crimson Tide.
That brutal strong offense and defense of Alabama would for sure be challenge by a very fast Virginia Tech team. But this won't happen this year, unless Beamer was able to develop his players further than expected.
It's very likely the Tide will dominate the game from the kickoff on and will win this the same way they won last year against Michigan (where it was very clear to see the difference between a national title contender and a team which is only contending for a conference title, but not even as the favourite.
I go with the Crimson Tide.

Saturday, August 31
#5 Georgia @ #8 Clemson
This is the most open and biggest game this week. Georgia is expected to compete again for the SEC championship and Clemson is expected to get over that inconsistency and compete for the ACC. The winner here will stay in the race for the national championship for at least another week, the loser will drop at least 10 spots in the ranking and if the gods of football do have mercy will need only the rest of the season to climb up again.
This is played at Clemson, so Georgia will visit a hostile environment.
As written, everything is possible. I'm leaning for Georgia here, since I expect them to be better suited all around.
I think Clemsons offense will be the key for the Tigers, but I doubt it will be able to score more points than the Clemson defense will let happen.
My tip is a close Bulldogs win.

Saturday, August 31
#12 LSU vs. #20 TCU @ Cowboys Stadium, Arlington, Texas
I would rank this game second on the hottest games of the week list. Granted, it does not sound that sexy and seems to be a clear win for LSU, but that very good TCU defense might be one or two levels to tough for the LSU offense. I don't underestimate Les Miles skills as coach; only that this LSU offense will need some games to get in sync, games they did not have on the first gameday. Only question for me is, if TCU will be able to score against LSU. It might come down to a single field goal.
No upset alarm does ring for me here, but this will get close and LSU will survive this first week with one or two scars.

Saturday, August 31
#19 Boise State @ Washington
Season openers for Boise State are always fun to watch. They just are the regular spoiler for bigger programs. This season the opponent is not THAT big as it was the last few seasons. That spoils my fun a bit. But honestly the Broncos are not ready to fight a Stanford or Oregon team on the first gameday. At least I think they are not. But these are just the Huskies. They are inconsistent and any team can win against them if they are lucky. If the Huskies are in good shape THEY can win against any team. So ... what will happen?
I expect the Huskies not be that ready to really stop a wild Bronco attack. And I expect that undersized Bronco defense to keep Washington long enough in check to win this game. Washington was never that high scoring team, so if they don't come up with a perfect defense, they will lose just by scoring drives.
Perfect defense on the first gameday?
Broncos will win.

‘Til next time

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